G3: Grand Theft Auto V Wishlist

After GTAIV was released, a hefty amount of people were confused because the game got many perfect review scores but the game was far from perfect. With me, if a game is too realistic it could well be boring. GTAIV’s gameplay was too realistic and moved away from the arcadey feel the previous titles had. The true sequel to GTA San Andreas was Saints Row 2. That game was San Andreas on steroids, a really engaging game and good at what it does. Enough of the past because it’s time to move onto the future and see what the future will hold for us and that’s GTAV.

There is a couple of additions that I would like to see in the next GTA game mainly to do with gameplay as the previous game was flawed. GTAIV was half of what San Andreas was. A lot of features that were in SA didn’t appear in GTAIV. Anyway without further ado, here is our wishlist.

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mikhail_tisoy2975d ago

so u want arcady? play saints row,just cuase, mercenary problem solve srly? gta 4 got so many perfect scores becuase of the quality and the sheer amount of content

blackbeld2975d ago

GTA4 is the most overhyped game ever! Dude even Halo is not hyped like GTA4!

The controls s*cks. I broke my controller cause GTA4.

And graphics looks terrible. Uncharted was even much more beautiful at that time.

acky12975d ago

The controls weren't that bad, niko was just a little slow to jump, turn and get his ass up when he gets knocked over. The dlc corrected this to some extent. And that dlc was really good and what all dlc should aspire to be. £20 for like 20 more hours of gameplay is great, a lot better than £15 for a few new maps or player skins or whatever...

The graphics also weren't that bad, they were decent but not amazing, the size and detail of the city was brilliant tho. Very realistic. Can't compare a linear game such as uncharted with a massive open world game btw, that's silly.

Fun game for me anyway, nowhere near perfect as the scores suggested and also not as fun as vice city or san andreas unfortunately. Liked the dlc stories more than niko's too.

kaveti66162975d ago

"Uncharted was even much more beautiful at that time."

Do I even need to explain why you're being an idiot?

vsr2975d ago

Full of Bluray
Should be a better story than GTA trilogy on PS2

Hanif-8762975d ago

If GTA V is any less realistic than GTA IV then i simply won't buy it. Also, for all those people who are complaining you could always try the Saints Row series.

Hint: The only reason why previous GTA's wasn't realistic is because the PS2/Xbox didn't have the console horsepower their successor's have.

hazelamy2974d ago

yeah, it's just a shame they forgot to make the game fun, something the previous gta games definitely got right, bring back the fun for gta v and they've got a winner.

mikhail_tisoy2975d ago

one of the best game this generation IMO

Yi-Long2975d ago (Edited 2975d ago )

... like maybe try to 'copy' the fighting engine of Batman Arkham Asylum. It would be perfect for when you get into fights, plus you can have interesting fights against gangs.

Also, I'd love to see the game set in Hong Kong or a fictional huge asian city. Hong Kong is the perfect city for a GTA game, and although Activision will come out with True Crime HK, I can't trust them to deliver the same kind of quality as Rockstar does...

Murgatroyd72975d ago

I really can't stand these games, so it doesn't matter one way or the other to me, but I do agree that they need to make the environment more interactive and allow for more exploration (not being able to enter most buildings is annoying).

Call_me_Ishmael2975d ago

bring in the crazy stuff in san andreas and your done

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The story is too old to be commented.