Konami Announce Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 DLC

The download includes updates to the uniform of the English national team as well as the attributes of some of the players and makes some additional UEFA Champions League teams that qualified for the Group Stage in August selectable to play in the dedicated mode.

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acky12978d ago

So glad that this DLC is free... first thing I checked cos you never know nowadays.

DLC should be used in sport games like this more often. A yearly sequel isn't necessary when you can simply update the teams and players. It would stop us having to pay full whack every year when not much is changing.

Redempteur2978d ago

in PES case they changed the gameplay mecanics, like the 360° passes and made changes ( lots ) to the IA ..that's isn't something a simple dlc can do.

But yeah Updating the roster should be FREE and pes does this right .

Fifa on the contrary is what should exist in the dlc section.

VictoriousOne2978d ago

DLC's are a JOKE. Especially ones that should already be on the disk...

AKA2978d ago

how cna they have the original team from the champions if there was still few teams to get in.