GigaBoots: Castlevania:LoS Video Review (HD)

GB gave Castlevania a 4.9/10 and wrote:

" forced themselves to do a humorous but detailed review of the horrendous Castlevania: Lords of Shadow. They somehow survived and within the week they regained their ability to like video games and have feelings."

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zslash2971d ago

This is actually the best review of LoS yet. It's spot on. Score is a little harsh, though, I would've given it a high 6.

granthinds2971d ago

Nice one guys! I do a similar thing here in South Africa. Impressed with your tonality though. :) If you can, my vids are here: Lemme know what you think? Keep up the awesome vids!

Ahasverus2971d ago

WahAhAHAHHAHAHA what a joke =P