PAX '07: Overcoming the online griefer

Panel of community experts address the problem of anonymity in Web-based communities, and what can be done to counteract Internet antagonists.

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RadientFlux4129d ago

just ignore, ignore and ignore

snoop_dizzle4129d ago (Edited 4129d ago )

nasim/larry 007/mohib(being the same person) they will pm you constantly with cut and paste material. He has been doing that to me recently and has decided not to debate civilly.

plus hes is cheating the system and thats just a p*ssy move on his part.

He keeps making accounts however that might be changing.

i probably will be receiving something from him soon.

man some people really have some issues, especially social issues on this site.

codeazrael4129d ago

It says that this website includes input from journalists and others, but I have a feeling that 99.9% are not in the industry...........and no, working at Gamestop doesnt count for those of you thinking it does.

JasonPC360PS3Wii4129d ago

I hate the assholes that shoot their teamates in the back when the match starts. Team killers are low life scum and need to be swated like flies or just move to the PS3 and leave the PC and 360 alone.