3D Platform Wars: NVIDIA 3D Vision vs AMD HD3D vs 3D HDTV

AMD's HD3D platform now competes with NVIDIA 3D Vision, and both are threatened by 3D-HDTVs - with and without eyewear.

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TABSF2978d ago

Nvidia with 3D Vision is way ahead of everyone

There is over 300 games that can be played in 3D beyond HD

Pandamobile2977d ago

That's cus Nvidia beat everyone to the punch by a good 2 years. I'm surprised it's taken AMD this long to get on board.

CombineElite2977d ago

Correct Nvidia's 3D vision has been around way before the once again 3D fad returned to movies and games.
PC 3D is so far ahead of console 3D that it isn't even funny.

AMD is taking a slow approach to this as 3D is just a fad that comes and goes every few years.

the 3D gaming market is so niche right now that some manufactures are relying on the Movie industry to drive the market.