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Submitted by ajcastillo 1864d ago | news

Connect your Dualshock 3 to your PC with Microsoft certified driver for MotionJoy

Now you can connect your DualShock 3 controller via bluetooth and usb to your PC, and its simply and easy, dont matter what type of system you have x64 or x86 and it even works in Windows 7. (PS3, Tag Invalid)

ZombieAssassin  +   1864d ago
Haven't we been able to do this for a while, all you need is a bluetooth usb and drivers which i believe have been out there for a while...I know you've been able to hook it up through a USB cable since i've done it alot.
ajcastillo  +   1864d ago
Yes it has been available for a while but you needed to do a lot of things to make the pc recognize the DS3, now thanks to a MICROSOFT CERTIFIED DRIVER you now only need to install the program and the DS3 will be recognized by your PC no matter what system you have X86 or X64
juniordee  +   1864d ago
It's MotionInJoy not MotionJoy, just saying.
n4f  +   1864d ago
CimmerianDrake  +   1864d ago
Not with Windows 7
The only successful way of doing it with Windows 7 was to use drivers that put the OS into Test mode. Very dangerous if you don't know what you're doing. Thank god for this new driver now. I have Windows 7 x64, and so I wasn't able to use my DS3 without the Test mode way.
TeenGoten  +   1864d ago
actually no, with the new signed driver you don't need to put windows 7 in test mode. That's the whole purpose of the signed driver.
skrug  +   1864d ago
@teengoten he was replying to RisingDragon
bostoner  +   1863d ago
this is awesome... I still have that old motionjoy pos drive on my computer. Like you said it never worked on windows 7 for me. It was a big pain in the tookus. Hopefully this works for me now. I want to play emulated SNES with my ds3.
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imvix  +   1864d ago
i been using DS3 on my pc for a very long time. I been using MotionJoy. however if a certified driver does come out it willl be awesome.
ajcastillo  +   1864d ago
This is the MotionJoy certified driver by Microsoft.
imvix  +   1864d ago
yep i just saw it, this is awesome news.
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Call_me_Ishmael  +   1864d ago
the last time i did this without certified drivers
my pc crashed and wouldnt boot
Fishy Fingers  +   1864d ago
With MotionJoy? Never known anyone to have any real problems with that. Like most things, read reviews, and make sure you get the right version, cant go that wrong.
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n4f  +   1864d ago
never had that problem. at first it wouldn't work but after a while it work likr a charm but you had to do a lot of thing.
its a nice feature cause there is some game that the 360 controller is better but other game the ds3 was needed a lot. now everybody is happy
vickers500  +   1863d ago
Last time I did this, it f*cked my DS3 up and now my DS3 will only work with a wired connection :(

I've tried swapping out the battery for a different one, waiting months for the battery to drain itself thinking that there may be some kind of electrical current blockage or some sh*t (somebody on this site suggested that one to me), using the sync button and all kinds of other crap.

Pissed me off so bad, because it was fairly new as well. It works whenever I plug it in, but whenever I unplug it, it's like the bluetooth doesn't even try to find another bluetooth signal, like the bluetooth device in it is f*cked up. I've searched online how to fix it, but all the solutions I've read about don't work, so now I'm stuck with a wired only DS3.
COINTELPRO  +   1863d ago
beast242tru  +   1864d ago
yes its much better that its certified i dn't like do download those other stuff to my pc like Ishmel said it can cause problems
BYE  +   1864d ago
If this driver wasn't so overly complicated it would be cool.

I tried it one time but couldn't get it to work, so I just bought a 360 controller for Windows.
TroyAndAbed  +   1864d ago
64-bit Windows 7 is THE most complicated DualShock 3 setup out there. Hopefully, this will work.
Wolfie  +   1864d ago
nah, it took me 10minutes to setup it right :)
St0  +   1864d ago
Only thing I hated about MontioninJoy on Win64 was you always had to bash the F8 key while booting to disable windows singing. Now you don't have to with this new update which it great
Motorola  +   1864d ago
wait so how do i do this with windows 7? I have to disable drivers signature or something? like at start up?
St0  +   1864d ago
If you have Windows 7 32bit I don't think you ever had to disable the digital singing while booting up, only with Windows 7 64bit. But now you don't, just download the new update and follow the instructions, now there's no need to hit F8 while starting up, just make sure you completely uninstall the old MotioninJoy before installing the new update, other wise you might have problems like having to press F8 at startup again
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St0  +   1864d ago
I try and help

First download the file for your system

After it's downloaded click to install it, you might have to restart you PC after it's installed.

After that run the program and change the language to US English because it'll probably be in another language. To do that click on the small green arrow pointing down which is at the top of the page.

Next it should be showing on the "Driver Manager" page, if it's not click on "QuickStart" then you'll see "Connected game controller(s):Driver Manager" near the top, click the blue Driver Manager bit, that will get you there.

Next you want to plug in your PS3 pad with a USB cable, once you do that it'll start installing drivers into windows, after it's done that it'll say something like it didn't install properly, after it's said that you click on the "Load Drive" button and that will install the real drivers to make it work, after it's installed click "QuakeStart" select your mode, I usually select "Analog Gamepad 2(POV,Joysticks,Analog Trigger)" and click then "Enable" button. Sometimes it's better to use "Xbox 360 Controller Emulator" when a game uses "Games for Windows live" other wise the PS3 controller won't work because MS are trying to take over the world and only allow their 360 pad to be used.

Now your PS3 pad should work via USB :)

To get Wireless to work all you do is click the "BluetoothPair" at the top, make sure your Bluetooth dongle is showing under "Bluetooth adaptor" and your PS3 pad connected with USB is showing under "DUALSHOCK 3" if both shows up click on "Pair Now". Once it's done it's thing, take out the USB cable from the PS3 and it should connect.

Hope that helps some of you :)
CimmerianDrake  +   1864d ago
Thank you.
I was a bit weary of trying it out myself until now. Bubbles for you.
foker  +   1864d ago
ok !! finally certified driver !!!

had to F8, in win7 64bit.. and bypass the unassigned driver reinforcement every time I rebooted,.. but driver actually works for years now,..

!!It is really awesome,.. running couple of old emus,.. and it is pain in the ass ,.. to have to restart windows sometimes !!

ARRGH !!! fuck !

I think , is the same shit for 64 bit win7 ,.. windows driver enforcement,..

I've been using this 3 years now,..
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St0  +   1864d ago
Did you completely uninstall MotioninJoy before installing the new one? I have Win64 and after the update I don't have to bash the F8 key anymore :)
foker  +   1864d ago
Thanx !
that is cool ! I'm sorry haven't tested it out yet,.. only installed ! but this sounds great !
LeAspect  +   1864d ago
Took you this long to find out...
divideby0  +   1864d ago
runs to see if it works with BF2
IP A I N  +   1864d ago
I was expecting (or exited) to hear something like "Now! an easy and available-to-all way to use x360 controller on your PS3, and vice versa"
But, as almost always, news disapoints :\
AllroundGamer  +   1864d ago
anyone else has the same problem, that when the DS3 is removed from the USB it automatically turns on the PS3??
ALFAxD_CENTAURO  +   1864d ago
ALFAxD_CENTAURO  +   1864d ago
Yeah, MotionJoy works fine.

Been playing Splinter Cell Conviction and other games with the DS3 Controller.
theonlylolking  +   1864d ago
YEAH!!!!!!!!! I really dont see the point for using the DS3 in FPS games since the mouse is better. Although some people are used to DS3 and are better on it so they might like this.
tunaks1  +   1863d ago
this has been available for a while now.
TheGameFoxJTV  +   1863d ago
Why does this link send you to a foreign site when the creator's site is in english? WTF?
TroyAndAbed  +   1863d ago
Haha. F8 is useless against my machine!
morkendo23  +   1863d ago
no one mention where u can buy this driver an the price??
is it availible for win xp??
CombineElite  +   1863d ago
PC been gaming from the couch
Been using a PS3 controller on my PC for years. this is old

there is another PS3 controller PC mod out that is very easy and safe if your an advanced PC user. Google is your friend. you'll find Wiimote on there as well.

If this mod is free and has a M$ signature than great but I never download from websites I have to translate.

Simplest way is just buy a Logitech PS3 style controller or a 360 controller depending on your taste and have fun gaming from the COUCH in front of the Big Screen.
gypsygib  +   1863d ago
I rather just use a 360 type controller, it's designed better IMO. That's one thing sony needs to do for next gen, redesign the playstation controller.
CombineElite  +   1863d ago
That's a big maybe but I actually prefer the PS design versus the xbox design.

I hit other buttons by accident a lot on the xbox controller versus flawless use on PS style controllers.

Also the PS style is an icon of PS and I don't see Sony deviating from that.

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