The first heroes in SC2’s DOTA map

It’s been tough to wrangle enough players to get a full game of Blizzard’s new DOTA map going on the show floor so far, but we’ve had plenty of time to get familiar with the character selection screen. We’ve taken down the full list of the abilities of half of them so far. the game plays very similar to Warcraft III’s DOTA AllStars map. Read on to see Blizzard’s own take on the competitive genre birthed inside their RTS

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CombineElite2947d ago

Looks like Blizzard has woken up and is now getting in on the DOTA mania. They even took a shot at Valve and have a DOTA mod entitled Left 2 Die which is a Zombie co-op shooter fest eerily similar to L4D.

This DOTA mod is for Starcraft 2 and is not to be confused with the DotA 2 game being made by Valve and the original DOTA mod team.