Music-based videogames losing fans

DENVER (Billboard) – A fresh batch of music-based videogames is hitting stores in the hopes of generating strong year-end holiday sales despite the difficult market for the once-booming gaming genre.

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RememberThe3572974d ago

Am I the only who thought they always sucked?

Yi-Long2974d ago

... I just hate the whole milking of the concept. Especially Guitar Hero.

Rock Band 3 seems to be very good though, and if I was going to choose between Kinect or a complete Rock Band 3 set, I'd definitely go for the latter.

mikhail_tisoy2974d ago

thats probably becuase its over saturated this will happen to cod too

dorron2973d ago

It's pahtetic how the only way to improve the game has been adding new instruments.

Overmilked genre, overmilked games, too little changes.