No multiplayer? NO THANKS!

Nowadays people seem to dismiss any game with no multiplayer in it. This is disturbing because great games may be overlooked just because it didn’t have that bullet point in the back of the box.

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RememberThe3572976d ago

Tell that to God of War 3, Heavy Rain, FF13, and Mass Effect 2.

In the case of Vanquish, a 4 hour game is not worth 60 buck for me. I'll probably rent it, but I'm not going to buy that. I could spend the same about of money on Gran Turismo 5 and get hundreds of hours of gameplay. Multiplayer adds a lot of replay value to games so if a game doesn't have that replay value it needs to come with a lot of content.

Jallen2976d ago

I think its less to do with multi-player but getting value for money. I haven't got around to playing Vanquish yet but if it is only four hours long and it's got nothing else to offer then I'm not going to fork out the full price for it.

Even if the game did have multi-player I mostly play games for the single player aspect so it would still put me off.

steve30x2976d ago

If a game is going to be single player then it should have a single player career twice as long as games with multiplayer to make it worth it. I never play online so it doesnt affect me though.

Manac0R2976d ago

If you get the chance pick up vanquish, it offers an arcade experience at home. It's heart pumping high octane action, with loads of replay value. As you get better you become more stylized in your kills and it's awesome going back and sliding around backflipping over cover while popping off three mechs in the head (all in slow mo).

This game is for arcaders.

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