PSX Extreme: Fallout: New Vegas Review

PSX Extreme: "Fallout: New Vegas is hardly an all new game, which explains why it's missing a number in the title. Fallout 4 this is not, but a worthy follow-up, or expansion, to a fantastic game this is. It wouldn't make a whole lot of sense for me to praise New Vegas as much as I did the original Fallout 3. The reasons for that are plentiful. But before I get to that, let's start from the beginning."

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Fototherapist2978d ago

I think the review is pretty spot on. The game is a glitchy mess, but it's still fun.

NickX2978d ago

It seems like they knew about all the bugs, but didn't want to hold the game back to fix them as it would miss the holiday season. Kind of a crappy thing to do. Game should have been delayed until the new year.

asyouburn2978d ago

i dont think it will ever be bug free

Motorola2978d ago

Im playing on PS3, not one glitch yet. However, one of the quests is pretty BS. its like a longass oblivion FETCH quest. like 2 of those missions when u had to get daedric artifacts for Martin in ONE.

Motorola2978d ago

Oh and no reward besides XP. when i was done i literally shut off the game >:O

NecrumSlavery2978d ago

I went to do one quest and it ended up send me to many places and after 4 hours, this little sidequest is not over, I've finished 2 other side quests & started 8 more. The chaining of side quests is crazy massive. Its currently tracks me as having 9 quests completed. But only shows 8 unhighlighted completed quests. I never received one of them but finished it w/ XP anyway cause I found out what happened before the girl asked me to go find out. I get worried some side quests may not register if not activeated prior to completion. Also my 10 roulette spins challenge never anatates so every 10 spins gives me 110 XP over & over.

Theres so much to do. So many quests. Even my companion has a personal quest they sprang on me today out of the
15 hours in, not even in Vegas yet. This game is huge.

Motorola2978d ago

i know right?? Make sure b4 u get into Vegas u have 2000 caps. cuz u get "credit checked" by a army of robots you cant kill. i only have 1k and im stumped and dont know what to do. probably gonna go to a low end casino, get 1000 chips, save my game and hope to get an easy blackjack :D

Bobbykotickrulesz2978d ago

I experienced a freeze within 2 minutes of starting the game on my PS3.

It also slows down a great deal. If you've been playing for 15 hours without a single glitch, then you're obviously worshipping the devil.

visualb2978d ago

not one freeze or major glitch. to me, FO:NV has been more stable than FO3 ever was

im also around 15 hours in, went to vegas though, took care of "business", and tbh, the story is BETTER than FO3 imo

less emotional, more epic and gangster like =D

@ Motorola - not only =) I also was going around doing missions until I had a pleasant surprise...lets just say there's more than one way in ;) I got in with 1000 and a bit caps =D also played for about 2-3 hours and barely any fighting, but great nonetheless =D

this game IS huge. bigger than FO3 ever was. the sheer number of weapons, armor, items, NPC's, locations...etc..doesn't surprise me it crashes so much on the same engine =P (on consoles)

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Tex1172977d ago

The writing is better in New Vegas than in F03. It seems subtle, but really pay attention to what you are doing. The quests, the dialoge...everything is just...well....better...more interesting.