Gran Turismo 5 Horn Sound Samples

A rather humorous collection of videos showcasing the variation in horn sounds between several different cars in GT5...

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alphakennybody2971d ago

retailers needs to upgrade those shitty tv's, not doing any justice to this beautiful game at all.

Si-Fly2971d ago

Think a lot of it is due to people filming on cameras and phones.

hennessey862971d ago

it has a trucks horn other than that AWSOME

EvilBlackCat2971d ago

YUP! confirmed by a Horn


Boody-Bandit2971d ago (Edited 2971d ago )

GT5 is a joke. Forza is god!
Can you let it go now and move on?

You are on every single GT5 article posting, more like spamming, the same nonsense over and over. Jealousy will eat you alive man. Let it go.

Narutone662971d ago

an employee of Turn 10. That's what they do, troll the PS3/GT5 thread.

2971d ago
Call_me_Ishmael2971d ago

i thought pd was gonna spam the same horn sounds on every car
but i guess they really took their time with this

Si-Fly2971d ago

Not so sure whether they recorded the actual sounds though, my R8 doesn't sound like that irl ;)

Dark-Cloud2971d ago

this is just a video , wait for the full game on ur full hdmi tv or 3d tv .... the sounds always isn't good in videos so wait and u'll see ....

MK24ever2971d ago

I can't ait for this game, but I hope they fix the shadows, why make it 1080p but still have 320x240 resolution shadows?....

ShinMaster2971d ago

Yeah, although I wouldn't say 320x240, those shadows are mainly noticeable during replay cams.

kasasensei2971d ago

And with cockpit views...

Dee_912971d ago

its not like that on gt5p
sp i doubt if itl be like that on finished product

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The story is too old to be commented.