The RPG Genre Is Flat-Lining

PSX Extreme writes: "There was a time when I would note the shift in the role-playing genre; i.e., the death of turn-based and the fact that just about any RPG these days can be considered an "action/RPG." But I've just realized something...the RPG genre itself is dying."

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Rainstorm812949d ago

Square being one of the top RPG makers the last two gens, came into this generation not quite living up to the hype.

What hurts the genre the most is most devs cater to gamers that wouldnt normally play an RPG.

with maybe 3-5 fairly good RPGs releasing on consoles these days i must agree with the article.

sad.....i love RPGs

ExplosionSauce2949d ago

Oddly enough. The new Naruto Ninja Storm 2 game(combat aside) felt more RPG-like in the adventure sense compared to my experience on FFXIII.