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Lair and Folklore prices returned to normal on Amazon.co.uk

It seems that the recent price of the Playstation 3 games Lair and Folklore listed on Amazon.co.uk for 14.95 pounds each was a mistake as now they are listed as 34.99 pounds each. (Folklore, Lair, PS3)

Shadow Flare  +   2869d ago
Well, i've already preordered it when Lair was £15 so they can't charge me £35 now. olliollioooooo
alexander22rednaxela  +   2869d ago
A dragon game feels so cold and un-inclusive to me, I think some warm and tender Folklore would be right up my alley. ;)
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Shadow Flare  +   2869d ago
the folklore demo was alright but i think Lair will be great
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xxxxxxxxx  +   2869d ago
Nobody cares
Both of these games will be total garbage anyhow
THC CELL  +   2869d ago
lol and me
and we have the proof in the emails as well ha
darkequitus  +   2869d ago
At game
you should be able to sell them @ £25 a piece easy. I nice bit of profit from my spare copies.

PC/PSWii60 gamer
monkey602  +   2869d ago
I had a problem. They wouldn't send it to me in Ireland so I had to wait to get an english family members address and now I've missed the deal completely! well pi$$ed now. I wonder will they honour the deal anyway
resistance100  +   2869d ago
got my folklore preorder in on time :D and yes they will honour the deal
ReconHope  +   2869d ago
some lucky guys got it for half the price
b4 it went back to $60
monkey602  +   2869d ago
I recon they will have to honour the deal if they dont want their HQ torched. I'm jealous of you guys that got it now
Middleeye  +   2869d ago
I'm happy I ordered them both in time! And I will be even happier if they stick to their side of the deal... *fingers crossed*
Bordel_1900  +   2869d ago
Same here. I ordered both at 15£, and they're still on 15£ at the pre-order info. Hope it stays that way.
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Arkrite  +   2869d ago
same here I got them for £14.95 each p&p free I also saved the email confirming the price and expected delivery date
Just wished I'd ordered several of each now LOL
hella whip  +   2869d ago
Glad I ordered mine yesterday! apparently someone emailed Amazon and they said they would honour the price that we bought it at. Can't wait to play Folklore, really enjoyed the demo, and for £15 Lair is definately worth a try.
Meus Renaissance  +   2869d ago
Amazon UK confirmed
That they will honour their prices so its not an issue. I personally ordered a couple to sell to GAME :d
monkey602  +   2869d ago
you get a "couple" and I can even get one! there is no justice in this world :(
SuperSaiyan4  +   2869d ago
Going straight to GAME
For trade in's ordered 1 of each, Folklore was rubbish, Lair looks boring but might give it a go then I can put the money towards some real decent games on the Xbox 360 instead.
Middleeye  +   2869d ago
or PS3?
just trade them in for one of the great games on the PS3... lol... you'd have to be patient though...

I only own the PS3 but the current games are just rubbish :(. I'm pretty optimistic about september and october though!
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Keowrath  +   2869d ago
Well at least someone who can actually appreciate the game will get them for cheaper.
PimpHandHappy  +   2869d ago
dam i hope the ppl that bought those games at that cheap price still get that price
because i would love to be able to get Lair and Folklore for 30bucks a piece! Even if the games are not the best games out there its still a deal!

im sure they will give you those games and im sure someone lost there job over this mistake! If these games are good you got a great deal!

Middleeye  +   2869d ago
let's hope the guy who gets fired made a pre-order on both games... at least he'll have something to look forward to then :)
monkey602  +   2869d ago
Is there anybody else here who didnt get it in time or am i the only fool?
Antan  +   2869d ago
UK trade descriptions act means they "must" honour the price for which things are advertized. If anyone of you come into dispute with them, direct them to the trade descriptions act........Depending on how many were pre-ordered, i`d say heads may roll.

EDIT-: Well done fella`s below.
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monkey602  +   2869d ago
people are saying they have contacted amazon in question to wether they will still get these games for their previous price when pre ordered and amazon have replied yes
HateBoy  +   2869d ago
I did, and yup.
horned  +   2869d ago
What we do about mispricings (From amazon.co.uk)
This is what i found when i searched amazon.co.uk :

What we do about mispricings

Despite our best efforts, a small number of the more than 1.5 million items in our catalogue are mispriced. Rest assured, however, that we verify prices as part of our dispatch procedures.

If an item's correct price is lower than our stated price, we charge the lower amount and send you the item.

If a product's correct price is higher than our stated price, we will cancel your order and notify you of that cancellation.
clm001  +   2869d ago
Hmmm - is that legal?
As fare as i know, unless its plain obvious that the retailer has made a mistake, he is bound by the offer.

Then again - i don't know anything about british consumer legislation - but in most countries the consumer is protected and not the retailer.
l3w15  +   2869d ago
hey monkey ( in same clan ) anywayz i was goining to get thembut now they been sorted out im forgetting !
monkey602  +   2869d ago
it would be nice now if amazon realised that the games could be bestsellers for a while and dropped the price again. (blind hope is all i got now)
horned  +   2869d ago
Mail from amazon.co.uk
Dear Customer

Thank you for contacting Amazon.co.uk with your enquiry.

Please allow me to apologise for the confusion we have caused with
the pricing of "Lair (PS3)" and "Folklore (PS3)".

The discounts we offer on our website do vary from time to time.

I checked your order and found that price of these items are 15.90
GBP when you place the order. This is the price you will be charged
when the order is dispatched.

If you find that you have been charged additionally for these items,
please write back to us, so that we will investigate further.

On the date of dispatch of the order, you'll receive an e-mail
message confirming the date, contents and method of delivery.

Thank you for shopping at Amazon.co.uk.
akira  +   2869d ago
XBOX 360 ON NO. 75
this guys in the uk really know their stuff. lair and folklore 1 & 2 on amazon uk. wow thats amazing even without the pricecut. did you guys also notice xbox is on number 75 AND PS3 IS NO. 1! WOW!!! that made my day..
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Arkrite  +   2868d ago
Amazon have cancelled
Amazon have emailed me and cancelled the order i placed the bunch of C#NTS

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