Incredible Deal on Everything Needed To Finally Play and Watch 3D Content

TQcast writes: So you have a PlayStation 3, 3D supported movies, and several 3D supported games, but no 3DTV? Yes, many PS3 owners have enough 3D ready media ready to come to life, yet the lack of a 3DTV and 3D glasses and cash are preventing you from experiencing the future of media. Well, today –that might change, thanks to this incredible deal that gets you everything needed to finally put that PS3′s 3D capabilities, to good use

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big_silky2975d ago

only $1600? let me get 3 of them. /s

2d works just fine for me.

Desz2975d ago (Edited 2975d ago )

Hey, compared to what is out there, this is a steal. It comes with glasses, the receiver, the Sony 3DTV and a Blu-Ray player for the price of one None Sony Branded TV. The TV alone is listed for $2,000 on the Sony style site.

gamingdroid2975d ago (Edited 2975d ago )

Yeah, but I can get another Sony or even Samsung branded TV of the same size for less than half of that now!

I think I will stick to my 40" Sony HDTV until 3D is so cheap it is standard and the darn glasses are more comfortable. Heck, by then we might already have gotten 3D without glasses!

On the other hand, if you are in the market for a 3D TV, I believe that is a steal!

imvix2975d ago (Edited 2975d ago )

1600usd is a lot of money. Spending all of that and still being limited to 3D in 720p and 30fps is retarted.

I could make a PC gaming Rig for that money(with a 3d monitor), that would run most of your current games in 3D @1080p (you dont even need to wait for companies to release 3D versions as most games you already own are already supported). list of games currently supported in 3D by nvidia is well over 300:

TheLastGuardian2975d ago

That is a good deal but I still don't have $1600 to blow on a new TV when I just bought a new Bravia earlier this year. I think I'll wait till I can afford a 55 incher.

360degrees2975d ago

television technology is such a farce honestly....I mean still requiring the use of those horrible looking glasses? Who in their right mind enjoys wearing those monstrosities? All those who jumped on this 3D bandwagon will surely feel foolish once "Glasses-Free 3D HDTV's" finally emerge to be dominant in the market

madjedi2975d ago

Since i already wear glasses, not an issue for me. Do some research on 3dtv with glasses prices and viewing angles, vs glasses less tv's like toshiba's upcoming line.

3dtvs are still fairly new to the industry so they are not as convenient to use as we would like, Thank you captain obvious. It's either you wear glasses for 3d movies or games or sol on 3d media, minus the 3ds.

What is with some of you damn people and ranting about having to wear the glasses, your wearing them in front of either friends, family or significant others. At some point the have either seen or heard about some of the stupid things you have already done.

So a wearing stupid looking pair of glasses, is likely at the very low end of either stupid or really bad judgement calls you have made in the past.

Lastly you watch hd movies and play video games and are looking at newer and better tv technologies and possibly other technologies, your already a nerd or geek so why the hatred of having to wear glasses.

Is it at least something reasonable like comfort or headaches or what, and no cost is not a exceptable response since, were talking a luxury of another luxury here.

N4Great2974d ago

For avatar, it was "wouahhhh", but when it come to ps3 gaming and bluray, it's "uggly glasses blablablabubububu" pathetic :)

don't hope to see today 3D quality with glassless technology, it's just impossible, for now (with existing products, who cost a lot)

SMW2975d ago

The only people whinging about current 3D tech haven't tried it, or are playing parrot to a software giant becuase they think its cool.

I wear specs and putting the 3D glasses over them is hardly noticable.

Well worth the "sacrifice" to play MS: 3D Rift.

Joostin2975d ago

Also, Glasses-free 3D TVs are hitting the market right now. In a couple of years they will be as cheap as a 1080p TV is now.

Can't wait.

madjedi2975d ago

Toshiba's 20 in glasses less tv is either going on sale this yr i think or already, in japan for $2000, i wouldn't hold my breath on that happening vs 3dtv with glasses getting alot cheaper anytime soon guy.

Orionsangel2975d ago

OMG! This did it! I'm totally with 3DTV now! Here's my $1599! Where are my dorky 3D glasses? F*CK 3D! and F*CK the Media for trying to push this shit on us!

madjedi2975d ago

@orion Lmao like the media industry is the joker with a razor blade, telling you buy a 3dtv or he will put a smile on that face of yours.

No one is making you buy it idiot, and by the time there are only 3dtvs available for purchase it will be the same rough price as the older model 40 inch tvs at walmart for $400-600.

Orionsangel2975d ago

Silence you little monkey boy!

256bit2975d ago (Edited 2975d ago )

yea f*k the media for pushing us with dvds back in the past. VHS still rules.

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