Complete Famitsu review scores

As it turns out, Famitsu actually reviewed a number of additional titles in their latest issue.

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FlyWestbrook2584d ago

I can't figure out the GS score still.

Cheeseknight282584d ago

Me neither. But, this is Famitsu we are talking about. They don't have any sort of consistency in their reviews it seems.

dragunrising2584d ago

"They don't have any sort of consistency in their reviews."

Exactly. I've decided they pull their numbers from a hat.

The only consitency you will find is an exceptionally high score for Monster Hunter and Pokemon.

Myst2584d ago

I see God Eater is doing really well. I'm still hoping for a quick localization for other countries. Next year is going to be great with both God eater and Monster Hunter 3rd.

BrutallyBlunt2584d ago

Two 8's and one 7 for NBA 2K11? I see they scored Winning Eleven 2011 higher.