Fallout: New Vegas Says Goodbye to Infinite Caps Glitch

The next time the player pops in Fallout: New Vegas on either the Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3, a new title update will be prompted for players to download.

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ShadyDevil2830d ago

Suck for all those cheaters.

Vegeta90002830d ago

Sucks for cheaters who are dumb enough to play a single player only game online. Not to mention it also sucks for cheaters that aren't smart enough to know how to delete those updates for their game after they get them.

MightyMark4272829d ago

before it's hard to clear the cache but now, anyone can do it :O

seann2829d ago

uhm, you can simply not update the game. which is the option i chose, and wait.....its working fine.

TheDeadMetalhead2829d ago

So they fix the bugs that actually help you, but the constant crashing, broken quests, graphical and audio glitches everywhere? Nah, those are just FEATURES. -_-

DizzyDino2830d ago

no update 4 ps3 yet. i just checked

rogimusprime2829d ago

for people who give a damn about being signed out of live. I could care less. I paid for the game, the game had a glitch. If it wasn't for the internet, they'd have to live with it like the "old days".

You could spend days in that game and not beat it. As long as you paid for it, the cheating argument doesn't really make sense. My Game, My time, my money.... I'll do what the hell I want to.

Neko_Mega2829d ago

I don't care if it fix some small thing, I want the bigger glitchs fix.

Mainly so I can finish the game.

Nihilism2829d ago

Money and XP glitches are awesome in SINGLE PLAYER GAMES ( disclaimeer for the only only generation tools )

There is an XP and money glitch in Dragon Age where you can buy an infinite number of herbs from the Dalish, sell them for more elsewhere, or just deposit them in the faction crates for unlimited XP ( privided you have the $'s )

Nothing like playing the earlier levels with 2 specializations...

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The story is too old to be commented.