Your Shape Fitness Evolved for Xbox Kinect Gamer throw down

Watch these gamers go head to head in a boxing workout competition playing Your Shape Fitness Evolved for Kinect on Xbox 360.

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The-Tentacle2737d ago

"Watch these gamers go head to head in a boxing competition..."

Sorry but you lose all credibility as a gamer when playing Kinect.

JokesOnYou2737d ago (Edited 2737d ago )

Speaking of creditability, ha! how ironic. lol, I don't think anybody interested in kinect cares whether you think they lose creditability or not when playing this game. I won't be buying this game simply because it doesn't appeal to me. My normal lifestyle of going to the gym 2 or 3 times a week and basketball here and there keeps me in pretty good shape which makes up for me being a lazy gamer at home. However I'm sure the same soccer moms who brought wii-fit for $100 for just 1 game might think this is perfect and I'm betting quite a few gamers just interested in some clean family fun competition will love this.


feelintheflow2737d ago

I get such a kick out of people on n4g that talk about how they are going to look playing kinect. I guess playing boxing with a wiimote/move in your hand makes you look cool. This site has become such a joke. Every kinect article is full of sony trolls. Every move article is full of sony trolls pre-empting a 360 fanboy strike. Its almost comical... but its actually really sad.

uxo222736d ago

"Sorry but you lose all credibility as a gamer when playing Kinect."

Actually you loose all credibility as a "Gamer" when you make dumbass blanket fanboy comments like

The Maxx2737d ago

Awesome!!! Can't wait for this game. I will be playing this in-between hitting the gym and soccer. Thank you EA and MS for a fun, family work out game without the use of a controller.

I for one don't care if I have any credibility to a bunch of nobody's over N4G forums. It's not like you know me.

Pedobear Rocks2737d ago

they cleaned up the floor in that 30 x 30 room they have there.

Bigpappy2737d ago

The Move shiped shiped over a mil in 30 days to prove credits wrong. You still aren't happy.

Obama2737d ago

Well let's just say people like to make fun of failures and rub it in other people's face.

killcycle2737d ago

Looking at this video, i have tried to compare the guys physical movements to the characters on screen and they don't seem to be identical to me.

commodore642736d ago

Oh I don't know, dude... it seemed quite a lot more accurate than this

but then, you haven't actually played kinect either, have you?

beast242tru2737d ago

looks aight good family fun not for me though

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