Platinum Games Aims to Build and Keep New IPs in The Future

Joystiq:"This week's launch of Vanquish not only portends the imminent demise of thousands of robots, but represents the final shot in Sega's four-game publishing deal with Platinum Games. Speaking to Develop, Platinum's executive director, Atsushi Inaba, reflected on the agreement -- encompassing Bayonetta, Madworld, Infinite Space and Vanquish -- and the incentives offered by Sega.

Although Platinum has nothing "against the idea of making sequels," Inaba added, the company's long-term goal is to create new IP and retain ownership of it. "So as a studio we would like to do both [new IP and sequels], but the whole point of Platinum Games is to create our own IP, that's what we do."

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mike90772895d ago

make another bayonetta pleez

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Top 3 favorite studios:
Valve, Platinum Games and Arc System Works.