2010 Year on Year Sales and Market Share Update to October 16th

Playstation 3: DOWN Year on Year this week by 113k. UP Year to date 13.49%

PS3 falls under the 1 million YoY mark, with a further 200k to go before the month is up. With Gran Turismo 5 delayed PS3 should just about hang onto it's YoY increase before the game hits. It could tie or possibly outdo 2009 and become the new PS3 peak year.

Xbox 360: UP Year on Year this week by 16k. UP Year to date 23.70%

Xbox 360 remains the only console still posting YoY gains, although rather small. With only 2 weeks of data left before Kinect hits, this will most definitely be the X360's peak year and possibly top PS3's 12.77 million current peak year as well.

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The-Tentacle2889d ago

Xbox have a tiny chance to hit 12.77m but hasn't Sony said that they think they'll top their 15m PS3 sales estimate this year?

Won't that put the gap from 3m to 330k??

Looks like PS3 will definitely 'catch' the Xbox, with or without its year head start.

deadreckoning6662889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

..what the hell are you talking about? Did you read the same article I did?

According to THIS particular piece of data...the 360 is UP Year on Year this week by 16k and UP Year to date by 23.70%. On the other hand, the PS3 is DOWN Year on Year this week by 113k and UP Year to date only 13.49%.

But hey who cares this is Vgchartz...the random fanboys on N4G have MUCH more accurate sales info right? ;)

EDIT: Oh and Sony fanboys..these are GLOBAL figures. No need tell us that "America doesn't equal the world" for the 1 billionth time.

zimain2889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )


He is right according to these charts the PS3 has similar market share to that of 360, if not better, correct that YoY sales are down yes but the number of sales was/is higher !? so have sold more


Sony fanboys are the first to discredit these stats when they favour the 360 so its going to be absolutely wonderful to watch them eat their own words now simply to glorify this hahahaha

EDIT TO ADD: see comments from shutupandplay onwards lolz !!

Longrod_Von_Hugendon2889d ago

Yes brah but the PS3 is closing the gap and fast. With all the exclusives coming out this year and the next expect to see a very dramatic landscape in the near future.

Skadoosh2889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

The ps3 is catching up fast? Wow sony fanboys are stooping that low that they're just lying to themselves? The 360 has been beaten the ps3 worldwide for months now. The 360 is up while the ps3 is down. Move didn't make a dent whatsoever. While Kinect is looking to really boost the overall lead by more.

How is the ps3 going to catch up when it's been getting its butt kicked the last few months?

snp2889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

"Sony fanboys are the first to discredit these stats when they favour the 360 so its going to be absolutely wonderful to watch them eat their own words now simply to glorify this hahahaha "

I keep hearing this, but i don't see it (i've just scrolled down the whole page and again see no one doing this - unless you care to point out these non existent posts?).

Let's make this clear - VGChartz is rubbish. It's rubbish now. It will be rubbish next week, and it was rubbish last week.

They've been dodgy in their representation of numbers. In their surreptitious 'altering' of numbers. In their (inconsistent) explanation of numbers not stacking up versus official figures (invariably to the negative side for the PS3, and the positive for the 360).

Occasionally conversations may spring out their figures (whether they be good or bad) for the sake of argument (or where one or the other has momentum verifiable by other sources, regardless if the discussion takes place in a ‘made up VGChartz numbers’ thread). But i see very very very very few people giving them any credibility - now or in the past - who have watched their behaviour and consistent bias, excepting those who share that behaviour and bias (ie. pro 360/anti ps3 trolls).

This waffle about how 'three months ago their figures were FINE but NOW' (in a mock cynical voice) - absolute disingenuous crap. Sincere people didn't believe them 3 months ago (for the reasons stated above), they didn't believe them 3 weeks ago (for the reasons stated above), and they didn't believe them a year ago (for the reasons stated above).

The most positive, non trolling affirmation i've seen given to them by someone in favour of the PS3 over 360 is "if they say PS3 has sold that many more, then, given how they underrepresent the PS3 you can only imagine how many more they have sold!" - which i'd hardly call an 'affirmation' at all.

If it suits your agenda to use their made up nonsense for a fanboy war, that's on 'YOU'. Stop trying to pretend there's some kind of equivalency or hypocrisy when in this case there is none.

All_4_One2889d ago

"The ps3 is catching up fast?"

Actually, yes. In case you didn`t realize, the gap went from 8 million to 3.6 million in less than a year. This quarter the 360 saw a re-design and a major Halo release and it showed in the sales. However, the % increase from those two has already died out, the numbers are out there.

The 360 and PS3 both have major releases coming up: GT5 and Kinect, they should each see nice boosts from those.

I can`t help but laugh at these 360 fanboys who emerged once the 360 got a boost this year, preaching the doom of the PS3, yet again. Good luck with that come next year when there is no re-design, no Halo, and no exclusives :)

kaveti66162889d ago

I don't understand. When the 360 was 8 million ahead it didn't matter. Now it's 3 million ahead and it still doesn't matter. Suddenly, when the PS3 catches up, "there's going to be a dramatic change in the gaming landscape."


What's going to happen if PS3 ties with 360, or if it passes 360 by even 10 million units?


Fucking idiots.

N4Great2888d ago (Edited 2888d ago )

Poor skadoosh and others pathetic delusional fanboyz, their little brain only record " The 360 is up while the ps3 is down" :
even if the differences are ridiculous, even if the year is not over, and most of all : even when ps3 sold much more last year !

so even with a little "down" this year, 7, 8 millions, it's more than 7, 3 millions xbox ! baaaaam (and it's vgchartz numbers)

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tinybigman2889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

It seems the 360 fans need it to sell high to justify their existence. It also looks like they have no problem with with M$ further dumbing down gaming with kinect since we've not seen one core game that works with the eyetoy v2.1 lol.

I've been gaming since the atari days and I didn't care about sales then, and I sure as hell don't care about them now. As all as sony keeps giving games im all good with that; just wish M$ was doing the same. Because it looks like the next time ill be touching my 360 is when Gears 3 comes out.

Bigpappy2889d ago

M$ will be very successful in bringing new gamers to the 360. Watch as bundle outsell the stand alone over the holidays. Watch as Dance Central and Kinect sports sell over a mil each in the first month. May be sooner. Ps3 has next year to fight back. May be GT5 can sell some consoles.

jneul2889d ago

ps3 will sell more this year over last year don't worry, gt5 will be the game that does the trick, and we shall have 15m ps3 sales as sony predicted

alb18992889d ago

Maybe in 2012 when it finally will be out!

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shutupandplay2889d ago


360: UP, with Kinect incoming

That`s all you need to know.

blumatt2889d ago

Don't doubt GT5's influence man. It WILL move consoles. I can see the PS3 selling 1.5 million consoles in December because of GT5 alone. It's Sony's "Halo", so to speak.

2889d ago
Silly gameAr2889d ago

You guys are getting pretty sad with this stuff.

BrianG2889d ago

Well, shutupandplay

they should probably also know this is WEEK data. Year Over Year WEEK data. So its not the big picture, and frankly not terribly important. More important figures would be monthly and annual.

poindat2889d ago

How about you take the advice offered by your username? It could do you some good.

Imperator2889d ago

Well the 360 did have a redesign this year while the PS3 had it last year, so how about you shut up and play?

redsquad2889d ago

All I "need to know" is that the PS3 sitting under my telly right now is an exceptional machine delivering amazing games on a regular basis.

So "LOL", and SHUT UP (can't bring myself to say "sut up AND PLAY" and you clearly aren't interested in games...

XactGamer2889d ago

Funny watching PS3 fanboys putting all thier eggs in GT5 basket. Just like they did with MGS4, GOW, Killzone 2, UC2, Final Fantasy and on and on. We all see how that worked out because the PS3 went from 3rd too..... oh wait it's still 3rd.

N4Great2888d ago

poor little brain :

PS3 : 7,8 millions
Xbox : 7,3 millions

that's all you need to realised !

last years, sony was selling 1 millions more consoles than ms, for vgchartz, now it's less, only 500 000 :) (but it's vgchartz, and the holyday season has not begun)

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stonecold32889d ago

know how people think vgcharts are reliable when they are not accurate at all they overship 360 sales and undertrack ps3 sales big time ive visited there site ages ago i find it funny how people can say they are reliable when we all know ps3 allready is around near the 7 or 8 million mark for japan cant wait till the real results are out maybe vgcharts has alot of catching up to do it would be embarrasing for them if sony has gave us there release figures on how many untis were sold and vgcharts look like a joke

blackmagic2888d ago (Edited 2888d ago )

Riiiight, we all KNOW the ps3 in japan is at the 7 or 8 million mark don't we? Except Media Create has the PS3 at 5.62M. VGChartz, btw, has the ps3 at 5.7M in Japan which is overtracking the ps3 sales. Your extremely accurate "sales data" of 7-8M for Japan is 25-40% higher than REALITY and WAAAY better than the inaccurate VGChartz estimates. I might add that NPD has the ps3 at 13.47M whereas VGChartz has it at 15.7M. But we all KNOW that VGChartz undertracks the PS3 in the US too.

BTW, Sony did give us their sales numbers. On Sept 16th they said they were at 38M and right now VGChartz has them at 38.9M. VGChartz is sooooo inaccurate, they are such a joke.

snp2888d ago (Edited 2888d ago )

"I might add that NPD has the ps3 at 13.47M whereas VGChartz has it at 15.7M. But we all KNOW that VGChartz undertracks the PS3 in the US too. "

They also claim to include Canada, while NPD doesn't - which i'd imagine accounts for at least a couple of million over the past three and a half years (though it's never been Japan/US on hardware figures that's been the 'undermining' ground for VGChartz on PS3 hardware - they've always had NPD/Media Create to keep them somewhat accountable - but rather the PS3's strongest territory: Europe (which they dud to the count of millions versus Sony's official figures)).

"BTW, Sony did give us their sales numbers. On Sept 16th they said they were at 38M and right now VGChartz has them at 38.9M. VGChartz is sooooo inaccurate, they are such a joke. "

Actually, those sales numbers were till the period ending June 30th.

They were merely reiterated on September 16th because newer numbers aren't available yet - but will be released very soon.

We'll see. Maybe VGChartz is right, and Sony has only sold 800k worldwide in the past nearly four months - though i highly doubt it. I think you'll find you've accidentally just demonstrated how far understated VGChartz's PS3 numbers are.

snp2888d ago (Edited 2888d ago )

Anyway, i'm done. Good luck to those who want to prop up VGChartz. They're underhanded unprofessional garbage imo - even ignoring the (numerical) bias problem, their backdoor, unacknowledged, constant 'edits' on their numbers after the fact is enough for any rational person to not give them any credibility. Because let's face it, if your numbers are 'legitimately' acquired there should be no need of 'constant' revision - let alone the need to do the revision in the dead of night with no acknowledgement/footnote that you've done so.

ed: Should add, i really don't care about sales, believe it or not. If the gap is 3 million or 6 million makes no difference to my life (can be fun to follow as an aside, but at these levels don't really mean anything in real terms for games releases). It's just what's a blatantly dodgy site with an appalling track record being raised, cynically, onto a pedestal that i find annoying.

snp2888d ago (Edited 2888d ago )

Love the way people 'agree' with your use of incorrect figures, and 'disagree' my corrections with the real ones. lol. Nothing like fanaticism.

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