Spawn Kill Review: Sushi Cat

What do you get when you cross a lovelorn cat with an empty belly and tons of sushi? Sushi Cat might not be the first answer to cross your mind but it is the correct one in this case. Developed by Armor Games originally as a flash game, Sushi Cat was released for the iPhone/iPod Touch in July of this year. If you use your iPhone or iPod Touch for casual gaming, you might have given this title a glance and wondered if the cute graphics and simple gameplay could be worth the 99 cent price tag.

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tigresa2650d ago

This game reminded me of a super, super cute version of Peggle. I played it as a flash game over the summer and it was addictive so I quit in advance out of addiction fear. Soo cute though - I have a thing for overweight animals. They're too cute.

ShadowPraxis2650d ago

I too played the flash version. Nice to know somebody else enjoyed it. :)

rrquinta2650d ago

Yeah, I've also only played the flash version (both the original and the sequel). I wish they were longer. If the iphone version had more levels than the flash games, I would buy it in a heart beat.

theherp802650d ago

another addictive puzzle game... thats only on the iphone and not the android :(

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