Games Convention Asia: EA, Nintendo, Sony to attend

GC Asia will take place in Singapore on September 6–9. Other publishers exhibiting games at the event will include Blizzard, 10tacle, Nokia NGage, AMD and AsiaSoft.

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Vojkan3946d ago

WHATEVER! I am getting fed up with so many shows every second week! Unfortunately magic and meaning of this shows has been lost

ktchong3946d ago

and the Chinese (i.e., Singaporeans are basically Chinese - their race, not their nationality) do not mix well with the Japanese.

Vojkan3946d ago

Retard what are you talking about!? What race, what!!? Did you even read what i wrote, aghh

Sgt_Bon3head3946d ago

I live in Singapore and i am not a Chinese... I am a hardcore gamer!

ktchong3946d ago

What are you?

Malay? Indian? White? or Eurasian? ... all minorities in Singapore, I believe.