Brando's Wii Cooler - it keeps your Wii cool

The Nintendo Wii hardly has a reputation for overheating. In fact, compared to the abundance of Microsoft Xbox 360 complaints (and of baking PS3's to a lesser extent), Nintendo's little white machine is as cool as an eskimo in a refrigerator.

Still, given that third parties seem to have invented a ton of mostly useless Wii accessories already, the arrival of Brando's Console Cooler is not a surprise. The device replaces the Wii's shiny grey stand and includes a wire that slots into one of the console's USB ports. Its high velocity fan then works its magic to keep the Wii chilled and apparently prolongs the life of your machine's components.

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Shadow Flare4074d ago

They could've just invented underwear made of ice

MaximusPrime4074d ago

Wii overheats too? Bet it is not even hotter than PS3.

SuperSaiyan44074d ago

If its in fact that cool blue looking one in the image thats gonna sell! Neon blue sells :-D

felidae4074d ago

what you do .. the Wii will not be cool

zerolinkgannon4074d ago

Yeah, umm ok. Try telling that to the 10.6 million fans who have it. these days

Shadow Flare4074d ago

you mean 10.6 million mum's you say it's cool. "But mum told me wii is cooler than ps3 and 360!"

mighty_douche4074d ago

pretty pointless as ive never heard of one overheating yet! still if you've got more money than brains....

Rooftrellen4074d ago

Are you trying to lure Bill Gates here to use his one bubble on this thread, too?

But, yes, its true. But the key to selling something like this isn't making people need it, its making people think they need it.

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