Crush! Frag! Destroy! Review: Didgery

Another closer look at an Xbox Live Indie Game from CFD!'s Rob Rich:

"There have been a lot of card games throughout the years. Some of them have been around forever and utilize a basic deck of playing cards, others involve complex rules and deep pockets. Yet in all that time, no one has ever tried (as far as I know) to combine the two. Until now that is.

"Didgery puts you in the precarious position of restoring balance to the four elements while simultaneously preventing the forces of darkness from taking over. What’s unique about all this is that you’re playing with ordinary cards. At least at first. Imagine a game like Uno, with the single-player focus and polish of Solitaire, combined with the clear-and-drop gameplay from a puzzle game and cards with unique effects like you might find in Magic: The Gathering. That’s kind of what Didgery is like. But you all probably care less about what it is and more about how it is, right?"

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tigresa2855d ago

There's something for everyone on the Xbox, indeed.

RobsteinOne2855d ago

Indeed. Trying to find a game of world-saving solitaire? Well, look no further!

thisdustin2855d ago

This is an interesting concept. After I master Caravan in Fallout: New Vegas, I'll check this one out!

ShadowPraxis2854d ago

I'm kind of a sucker for card games anyway. The review sold me on it. does anyone have any spare MS points? Anyone?