Xbox Live Indie-Dome: September 20th – 26th, 2010

CFD!'s Rob Rich with another week of Indie Games releases:

"(Xbox Live Indie-Dome is a weekly feature where we sift through the Xbox Live Indie Games Marketplace to find the best and worst... so you don't have to!)

"This was a good week. Not a ridiculous amount of releases, but most of them were pretty good. A couple of them were pretty awesome, actually. As per usual there were some disappointing missed opportunities and some surprising gems; most notably Anti-aircraft Warfare for the former and Walketh for the latter. But enough spoiling you with the good stuff before you even start reading. If you want more details you’ll have to work for ‘em.

"But seriously, Walketh is awesome."

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SynGamer2825d ago

'Mehs' in most batches. At some point quality over quantity needs to prevail...

RobsteinOne2825d ago

There always are. Although I personally really enjoyed Walketh, but I'm certain there are plenty of other people who think differently about it.

ShadowPraxis2825d ago

It sounded like a neat concept - I never really got into trying roguelikes, but the idea of a sound/text based one was kinda cool.

thisdustin2825d ago

OMG! More Zombie games? Get right out of town!

ShadowPraxis2825d ago

Hey but at least one of them had some production values behind it ;P

Bboy_Izilla2825d ago

It can be as good as *insert popular zombie game* but at this do you sell it? "Zombie's are in it..and its like roguelikes." Yech. There I said it. Roguelikes aren't that hot.