Crush! Frag! Destroy! Review: Snailien Invasion!

CFD!'s Rob Rich takes a closer look at a particular Xbox Live Indie Game:

"A spoonful of Super Smash Bros., a cup of Team Fortress 2 and a pinch of Square Off. These are the ingredients needed to create a Snailien Invasion!.

"It’s very important to note that this game is specifically designed to be a multiplayer affair. You can certainly try to play alone, but this will limit you to only one out of four game types and it will probably get old fast. But if you can play with friends, either with a second controller or over Live, you’re bound to find plenty to enjoy here."

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RobsteinOne2856d ago

We need more Worms-style games.

SynGamer2856d ago

Agreed. So simple yet so much fun :D

thisdustin2856d ago

Sure. Worms kind of wore out its welcome for me by the end of high school, but for other games to pick up that torch is a good thing.

ShadowPraxis2856d ago

I feel like one of the few people out there who never played Worms or any of its derivatives :/

Bboy_Izilla2856d ago

If you've played Lemmings [which you should] then you need to get on that Worms. The original. None of that Armageddon s**t.