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Alex from writes "4mm Games is looking to recreate the success of Rock Band and SingStar in the world of hip-hop, with tons of tracks, Duet Mode, Battle Mode, and Freestyle Mode gameplay, Def Jam Rapstar is looking to be the next big rhythm game coming out. In this review I will go into as much detail and cover all the basics in Def Jam Rapstar."

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JaeKuro2889d ago

Sounds cool but the lack of actual accurate lyrics (censored) would eventually bother me. Maybe they can add something later on to be able to turn a feature for that on and off.

uxo222889d ago (Edited 2889d ago )

I've played this game and it is quite fun. Also whenever there was a word that is considered bad, the game would show ----- in place of the actual word (in most cases) and you can still say the actual word that suppose to be there and get credit for it. As a matter of fact I think you actually get bonus credit for knowing the missing word.

I'd rate it at a min 4 out of 5.

CharlesDCI2889d ago

Yea, censored lyrics would bother me after a while. Probably just fill in the blanks especially if you know the song already.

TeenGoten2889d ago

Censored lyrics? Rap Star? Whatt???

Hip-Hop with censored lyrics is like a Big Mac with no sauce...

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