IGN: Ten Things that Are Dead to Gaming

As the video game industry rounds the bases on 40 some odd years, it's only natural that some practices would die an early death.

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big_silky2895d ago

unbiased, uncorrupted by advertising dollar reviewers?

soundslike2895d ago

add "thinks for themselves" to that list

CombineElite2895d ago

like they seriously couldn't put that whole list on one FN page.

IGN is dead to gaming

Blaster_Master2895d ago

Good freakin article. Wish there were more like these.

Orionsangel2895d ago

Achievements and Trophies killed Cheat codes. Since Achievements have become such integral part of gaming, cheating would make them pointless. So less developers add cheat codes to games these days. The ones that do, warn you that Achievements and Trophies will be turned off.

2895d ago
looza2895d ago

It not about cheat codes anymore, it about glitches!!!

Orionsangel2895d ago

It's not about butthole pleasures.

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The story is too old to be commented.