Entire NFS: Hot Pursuit Car List In Pictures

"EA has released pictures of the entire car lineup here they are in manufacturer and alphabetical order except for the Ford Interceptor Concept and the Mustang Super Snake and some cop variants. Huge credit to Badned!"- ForzaCentral

Proceed through to link to see them all!

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beast242tru2887d ago

i can see myself playing this for cuple hours love racers NFS with Criterion involved sweet

StanLee2887d ago

That's a pretty sweet list of cars.

ExplosionSauce2886d ago (Edited 2886d ago )

Nice to see they have a STi, R35, 370z, Evo X and RX-8 in there. I was afraid it would only have mostly European cars.
Although an R34, Supra and especially the NSX

ALICE6662886d ago

yea looks cool but wish they had abit more japanese cars.

Some of the choices are questionable... they have the RX8? and not the legendary FD RX7 which is superior in everyway.. I guess they just going with newer cars... :(

MGRogue20172887d ago

Can't wait to play the demo on the 26th, This Tuesday!! omg :D

SandRazor2887d ago

The cars are so awesome!

Serjikal_Strike2887d ago


nice lookin grphx too

UltimateIdiot9112887d ago

If the demo turns out to be good, I just might get this along with GT5 even if they come out on the same day.

CobraKai2887d ago

That's what I'm gonna do. I waited too long for both these games.

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The story is too old to be commented.