Crush! Frag! Destroy! Review: Hydrophobia

CFD!'s Rob Rich goes for a swim with the long-delayed XBLA release, Hydrophobia:

"The Queen of the World is in trouble. Genocidal terrorists have attacked the city-sized ship with the solitary goal of killing or converting everyone on board, and the only person in a position to do anything about it is Kate Wilson: systems engineer. Ever see the Steven Seagal masterpiece of underdog ass-kickery, Under Siege? It’s kind of like that, but with less nut-punching.

"Hydrophobia has been in the works for quite a while now. It doesn’t come close to being as quasi-mythical as Duke Nukem’s latest outing, but it’s been a few years. Most of this time was allegedly spent developing the HydroEngine, which the developers have claimed creates the most realistic liquid physics ever seen in video games. Quite a claim for a Live Arcade game.

"But what does all that fancy water talk really mean? Sure the waves look convincing and all, but what about the game? Does it sink, or does it swim?"

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Ndigity2859d ago

Looked interesting the first time I saw it, though I doubt I'll check it out now.

ShadowPraxis2859d ago

Yeah, I remember being excited for it initially too when it was first announced. After the demo? Not so much... :/

SynGamer2859d ago

Ditto. At best I was slightly interested. Not any more.

acronkyoung2859d ago

Some podcast chats on it made me slightly intrigued but I was only half paying attention. I guess the reviews cement my decision.

tigresa2859d ago

Blub blub blub indeed. Looks so gorgeous too, probably the best looking XBLA game.

ShadowPraxis2859d ago

The visuals were certainly nice for an XBLA title - shame they couldn't have done more with it. Heh.

RobsteinOne2859d ago

I wholeheartedly encourage you all to try the demo out if you think/thought the game sounded interesting, just don't be disappointed if you find it... not very good.

ShadowPraxis2859d ago

Man, I tried. I ragequit partway through the demo. Couldn't even bear to finish it, between slippy controls, annoying characters and more.

thisdustin2859d ago

I'm starting to suspect that Rob didn't care for this game...

ShadowPraxis2859d ago

Whatever would have given you that idea, sir?

Actually, if I'm not mistaken, this is the first game to get our lowest rating since the retooling of the review score system went into effect...