Podcast: Team DeathChat: Episode 11 – “CFD! After Hours” 10/1/10

CFD!'s podcast returns with a new episode:

"Welcome to Episode 1 of CFD! After Hours (or Episode 11 of Team DeathChat for those non-sexy people out there). Pour a glass of wine for yourself and that somebody special next to you, snuggle close to the fire and enjoy the Quiet Storm of Scott, Sage, Two Guys What Are Called Rob and the first appearance of a somewhat inebriated Dustin."

"Recorded on the eve of the launch of Halo: Reach (and while running a webcam experiment to make the recording a bit more… intimate), the boys got together for an impromptu podcasting session and chat about Monkey Island 2 SE, Epic Win for iPhone, NHL 11, various BioWare DLC, Kane & Lynch 2, Limbo, Skulls of the Shogun, Killzone 3 and other stuff.

"Meanwhile Dustin distracts the boys with Iron Man glamour shots, we bear witness to the birth of D(i)LC, Sage and Rob namedrop industry people they met/hung out with and give their top 3 PAX moments."

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acronkyoung2767d ago

Deathchats are much more interesting than deathmatches.

tigresa2767d ago

Curious what you all said about BioWare DLC.

ShadowPraxis2767d ago

Perhaps you should download and listen? ;)

thisdustin2767d ago

Unfortunately, I was in charge of that, and I was about three drinks in at that point. But if you want to make fun of a drunken fool, go for it!

ShadowPraxis2767d ago

Hey, the worst of it was edited out. You only sound like HALF of a drunken fool this time ;)

Ndigity2767d ago

I don't want to hear anyone say "Dilc" ever again ;)

ShadowPraxis2767d ago

Seconded - Nate's a party pooper :P