Fallout: New Vegas Cheats, Walkthrough, Unique Weapon Locations, and Much More

There is a ton to do and find in Fallout: New Vegas. The game has a lot of cheat codes, which can be found here, along with a walkthrough. There is also a huge list of the locations to find all unique weapons, skill books, Hollow Rocks, Snow Globes, and Caravan Cards. There are also some cool tricks and glitches to get easy experience and infinite caps.

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TheBand1t2703d ago

Get the All American in Vault 34. You'll thank me later.

Hideo_Kojima2703d ago

Fallout... cheats... can't.... re... resist... even... though.... they..... ruined.... Fall...out...3.... for... me..........

Must.... enter.... cheats... kill.... everyone... and... eat... their.... dogs....!!!!!

Eiffel2703d ago

Read about it on the wiki, I'm looking to get stronger weapons. Those Legion douches are waaaaay overpowered.

hikayu2703d ago (Edited 2703d ago )

the walkthrough is great , but it seems that the author doesnt know about how different faction have different clothes and you easily avoid a fight with them by simply wearing their armor .
i mean , in "My Kind of town" , it seems that he fought through NCNCR . i found out that if you wear anything but power ranger , they will shoot you at sight if u enter . but if you wear power ranger clothes ,which can easily be found on the dead bodies of the powder rangers attacked goodspring in the early quest name"Aint that a Kick in the head" , they wont attack you .
there's no cheat on console , so i cant cheat ... =[ . but then again , it's a great game and i would like to enjoy it to the fullest .

edit : one thing to note is that beware of faction rivalries . dont wear powder ranger or Legion clothes into a ranger station , they'll blow your head off .

PirateThom2703d ago

Is it ridiculous I never even considered this and figured it would be like every other game where everyone attacks you on sight no matter what you wear?

That's actually handy info, it will make infiltration a possibility.

visualb2703d ago (Edited 2703d ago )

do need some good guns, and skipped vault 34 on a whim. will check out =3

specializing on energy weapons though, so need those most!

cheers either way! bubs for being helpful without spoiling anything

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DaBadGuy2703d ago

I got the 360 version, but I'm thinking of getting this on Steam so I can screw around. You know, be a god, kill everything, resurrect the dead, then kill them again and eat them in front of their Brahmin. I don't give a crap about achievements so if there were cheats on the 360 version I'd use em, but alas.

I'm thinking the 360 version will stay my serious playthrough, and the PC version will be my playground.