GameBlurb’s Most Wanted Games: November 2010

November has finally arrived my friends…the month that myself and many other fans of the genre “gaming” have been anticipating for the last 10. There are a cornucopia of excellent games to keep your eyes out for while you are enjoying your pumpkin pie and stumbling about in a tryptophan haze.

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jaidek2736d ago

There goes the bank account... I am just glad that some games have been pushed to Q1, that way I have time to enjoy them and not go broke for the holidays.

N4GAddict2736d ago

My wallet thankfully for some of the delays.

TengkuAmir102736d ago (Edited 2736d ago )

I have tons of money after saving for 2 whole months! Anyway, I hope the 3 games I've pre-ordered is on this list. Black Ops, GT5 and Assassin's Creed Brotherhood.


Where the F is GT5?

RahatR2736d ago

novembers a blessing and a curse. Its a curse for my wallet.

N4GAddict2736d ago

It is going to be an expensive month.

junk3d2736d ago

Looking forward to NBA Jam HD, just not sure it will be worth the $49. Nostalgia tells me $15 max.

Kiroe2736d ago

I agree, they should have just made it for PSN/XBLA. Not sure how well a $50 rehash of a 90's arcade game will do in the marketplace.

N4GAddict2736d ago

I think the price will fall quickly

MicrocutsX22736d ago

I'm actually interested in Blood Stone. Apart from visuals, looks like a solid fun game. All depends on how long it is though.

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