Bigfoot in Red Dead Redemption? writes: "For many of you this is huge news, and fuels your fire that you have seen Sasquatch or believe Sasquatch should be in Red Dead Redemption. Check out what they just posted a few minutes ago..."


Bigfoot has been spotted in the Undead Nightmare TV Commercial! Click the link for more info!

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stylez842771d ago

Man, I wonder how rare it is to see Bigfoot in the game. Maybe they roam around in packs and hide from the player... or maybe there's a single bigfoot that roams around the world.

TheLastGuardian2771d ago

Let's hope it's not just a false rumor like the one in san andreas. I've played RDR for almost 200 hours and never seen bigfoot.

limewax2771d ago

thats because hes in the dlc coming outin 3 days

stylez842771d ago

Yeah, what limewax said. He's being added in the Undead Nightmare DLC as far as I know.

IllusionRSN2771d ago

Yep, it's pretty much a sure thing that he will be in the DLC in a few days...

TheLastGuardian2770d ago

Oh, guess I should've read the article. I hope he's added to the regular story mode too. I can't wait for the 26th. Undead Nightmare and Undead Overrun both look so fun. I can't believe they're only charging $10. That's a way better deal than the last 2 RDR DLC's.

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It is also in Gran Turismo 5:

Behind the Blue car, zoom in with CTRL + Scroll up.

downwardspiral2770d ago

why is it that pics like these are always blurry lol. I wouldn't be surprise if they put him in the dlc though.

IllusionRSN2771d ago

Dunno, but I just hope they give us a trophy/achievement for killing it!

protekjv2771d ago

don't forget the money you will get for the skin, meat, bones, etc. Maybe if you bring back alive hog tied or something.

stylez842771d ago

I bet that's going to be one hell of a hard trophy to get

Speed-Racer2771d ago

Oh man this looks good, I hope it's really big foot LOLLOL

morganfell2771d ago

He is blurry on purpose. I mean Sasquatch is blurry. That's why all of the pictures and films of him turn out like that. It isn't the camera, Sasquatch is just blurry.

If you travel up north in the game maybe they will let you catch a glimpse of Wendigo.

elmaton982771d ago

Hahaha all American huntinghuh never heard of them when I was in my country but I hope I can get some money for killing him

RioKing2771d ago

Way to use a Mitch Hedburg joke as your own loser.

morganfell2771d ago (Edited 2771d ago )

Mitch Hedburg wasn't the first one to use that. But apparently since he took money for saying on stage what someone else said first then it is okay. Too bad James Gregory beat him to the years. I guess you are one of those people that thinks Carlos Mencia wrote his own material too instead of ripping off guys like Joe Rogan. You define the word loser.

Treyb3yond2771d ago

Obvious BS. Like the "werewolf"

elmaton982771d ago

I know but still there so many places in the US that are still being unknown and so many things to find. ( the whole world is a place of mystery or watch the lost tape on ANPlANET every tuesday at 10 o'clock)( off topic) or so I think.

DirtyLary2770d ago

gullible kid is gullible

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The story is too old to be commented.