Indiana Jones Makes A New Vegas Appearance

If you chose the Wild Wasteland trait when creating your character in the recently released Fallout: New Vegas, you’ll have noticed a bunch of weird and wacky references and cameos, some related to the previous Fallout games. This particular cameo, however, references the most recent Indiana Jones film in which the eponymous hero survives a test nuclear blast by hiding in a lead-lined refrigerator.

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Nitrowolf22887d ago

this is how they should have ended this movie

FCOLitsjustagame2887d ago

I found that but didnt get the reference since the hat was some gamblers hat.

StarScream4Ever2887d ago

The ridge is not a good place to hide after all Mr. Jones.

TheNocturnus2887d ago

He would have just roasted inside that fridge. Man I love Fallout: New Vegas! This game is the best!

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