OXCGN’s Playstation MOVE Review (Part 2: The Games): A 360 site’s serious look


"In Part 1 we looked at Playstation MOVE’s hardware and now it is time to take a close look at the launch software line-up for someone coming fresh into the platform (MOVE) through Sony’s Move Start Pack.

However, before we jump into taking a good look at Sony‘s offering, I think it’s best I clear up some questions for any non-regular readers of OXCGN or those who missed part 1.

Yes, we are an Xbox-centric site.
No, we are not fanboys.
Yes, we appreciate good games and hardware no matter what the platform.
No, the purpose of this review isn’t to trash an opposing system.
Yes, I personally own and play all current consoles and handhelds.

With that out of the way, time to have a look at the initial games for the PlayStation MOVE’s Australian release."

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BadCircuit2773d ago

I still think that the Move is just a better version of the Wii and not really creative enough. Microsoft changed the idea of motion control to not needing a controller which is innovative.

The games that I see for the Move are pretty much the same as the Wii games except for Heavy Rain which may be good for gamers that like motion control.

gaminoz2773d ago

Well it may be a better wiimote or not, but first there hopefully will be different kinds of games like Sorcery and second the Kinect games aren't that exciting yet either.

Like the review sort of says both the Kinect and MOVE haven't yet really got the software, just the potential.

thebudgetgamer2773d ago

if by changed you mean a better eytoy then yes i agree.

Raf1k12773d ago (Edited 2773d ago )

True that. I agree that a lot of the Move games at the moment are like the Wii games but then again the Kinect games are pretty much like the Eyetoy games on PS2 but with better graphics.
See what I mean?

edit: I'm not a fan of motion controls which is why I'm not buying Kinect or Move but by the looks of things I think Kinect will be more successful even though Move is better for core gamers.

thebudgetgamer2773d ago

but to say kinect is not a better eyetoy(witch is worse in some parts like fps) is ridiculous.

FlatulentGhost2773d ago

"Microsoft changed the idea of motion control to not needing a controller which is innovative. "


You didn't bother to think just how ridiculous you sound when Kinetic is nothing more than a clone of old Sony PS2 era Eye Toy 'OMG!!! no controller' style motion controls?

Wh15ky2773d ago (Edited 2773d ago )

But Kinect can just as easily be viewed as a better version of the Eyetoy. I found the Eyetoy was far more of a novelty than the Wii. The Wii has some genuinely great gaming experiences on offer, where as the Eyetoy didn't, it appeared to be very limited in its approach. Some Wii games had potential but failed because of inaccurate controls (Red Steel), some developers looked at implementing Wii controls in their games (Figh Night) but decided against it because it was not accurate enough. The Move may now give these games and developers the chance to fullfill their visions.
I don't really see what Kinect can offer to gaming, there certainly hasn't been anything shown yet that has interested me.

XboxOZ3602773d ago

Wen you see some of the games that Ubisoft have been working on over the last 3 yrs for Kinect, you might be a bit surprised actually.

Someone I know has had the opportunity to play some of them, most of them not having much exposure yet, and he/she was very anti-Kinect at the beginning, even though being a strong Xbox platform supporter.

Their attitude has changed a lot since that experience.

And again, for those that only read what they want to read, I'm in full support of BOTH platforms approach to the new style of gaming, as it's bringing ppl that would otherwise not be involved in gaming into the fold.

One thing many 'gamers' need to understand, we as a whole do not represent the lion share of income from games across all platforms and types. In fact, we have less than 50% stakehold in that honor.

The bulk of 'game sales' is to family members, 60% of those being female purchases for children and families. SO in effect, it makes perfect sense for both Sony and Microsoft, through their respective "New Platforms" are approaching a new market, not aiming it right at an existing market that basically has little interest in the new platform per-se.

It's why most of the games for both MOVE and Kinect will not really get many "gamers" turned on about them, let alone running out and shelling more $$ on new hardware.

That will come from new-entries into the family gaming arena. Times have changed, and games are no longer the sole realm of the 'gaming hardcore elite'

Wh15ky2773d ago

What was your friends experiences with these games? What did the experiences offer that made him/ her change his/ her views of kinect?

thrust2773d ago

imo i think ms or other developes will end bring out other add ons for game with kinect that the beauty of it.

Imperator2773d ago


Move = Vastly superior version of the Wii

Kinect = Newer version of Eyetoy.

The Move has proved itself, imo. It opens a whole new level of gameplay, especially since Sony isn't forcing it on us (they give you the option). It's precise, and can work with pretty much any type of game.

Kinect, so far, is an expensive piece of tech that does not work and can't do anything more than simple casual games that I wouldn't be caught dead playing.

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gaminoz2773d ago

Can't say the games on offer excite me much, but then the Kinect games don't either.

The comments about each game seem fair too, and consistent with what I've heard.

BadCircuit2773d ago

I agree with that too but at least it is a good start to have the software out there so there is a possibility of good games.

Obama2773d ago

Time Crisis + dead storm pirate seem to be the best offering as of now.

N4Great2773d ago

Sport champion, heavy rain, tumble, mag, re5 it's enough for one month !

so accurate and rewarding for skilled people (not like casuals motion controler and games)

Immortal Kaim2773d ago

I think I might get the Move at Christmas time. Though I'm not really into motion controls, I think the implementation with some of the hardcore games sounds interesting.

Anyone played RE5 gold edition with Move? How does it feel with motion controls?

Wh15ky2773d ago

RE5 with Move is fantastic. I didn't love it instantly, it took me an hour or so of playing before I started to like it. Now that I've played through the whole game I can safely say that I will never play it with the DS3 again.

WLPowell2773d ago

I felt this way about Heavy Rain myself.

Wh15ky2773d ago

I haven't adapted to Heavy Rain yet with the Move. I tried it for an hour or so and there were moments where I was starting to think it was great but then other moments where it didn't feel right. I'm pretty sure I just need to spend more time with it. All my gaming time recently has been spent on MAG, another game that is great with Move.

blackburn52773d ago (Edited 2773d ago )

BadCircuit you can see that the Move games are just like Wii but as per usual you can't see that Kinect games are just like Eyetoy and Wii games or that every game is just a copy of each other. 4 dance games, 2 pet games, 3 sports mini games etc. You are just like everyone else on this site. You think Microsoft is being so innovative by removing the controller from crappy games like Joyride or Sonic riders when they are just following Sony's Eyetoy to the letter with only a slight improvement. If Kinect is so darn innovative how come none of the games do anything beyond what the Eyetoy did? At least Move has games like Endocrome 2, LBP2, Sorcery and Undersiege to distinguish themselves. As usual Microsoft has you snowballed with lies and pretence and you refuse to see it. Stop pretending that Microsoft is innovative or revolutionary in anyway please. @ XboxOZ360 if you are going to use any games to defend the Kinect you are going to have to do better then Ubisoft 'king of motion controlled shovelware'

despair2773d ago

"I’m happy with Echochrome II, Sports Champions and Heavy Rain while I wait for something to go beyond the Wii."

No mention of how MAG, RE5, Time Crisis or even Hustle Kings? And two of those games are different from anything I've played on the Wii.

XboxOZ3602773d ago

AHHHH, do read the entry text and even the heading . .the article and review is aimed directly at someone new getting into MOVE with the MOVE Starter Pack which includes the games reviewed, the hardware needed, and how that favours to the reviewer.

Sheesssss, do ppl read at all on n4g? You want the reviewer to do every game that supports MOVE in less that 1500 words, that's basically impossible.

despair2773d ago

I read it , missed that bit for some reason lol, must've been my lack of sleep. My apologies.

Good review btw, I agree with which are great, good and awful and the need for more substantial AAA games for core gamers. I must say for an Xbox-centric site you did a fair review(well from my limited exposure to the Move).

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