Watch the Blizzcon 2010 Stream for Free

PixelatedGeek says, "Thanks to the powers of the open and free world of the internets, you can enjoy Blizzcon from the comfort of our website. Enjoy =)"

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iseven2859d ago

hmm... $40 for official stream to watch eSports? or $0 to watch eSports like every other eTournament out there?

tdrules2858d ago

GOMTv charges, because its good.
MLG doesn't count

BakedGoods2858d ago

You can watch the eSports stuff for free. The Main and Dev. stages are what you're paying for.

Mrglowsticks2859d ago

cool! next best thing to being there.

solidxz2859d ago's better than being there.

Nihilism2858d ago

Or you can skip the B.S and just get the 3 dot points worth reading that come out of it each year...and then like always....continue to wait for diablo 3...