VentureBeat: Windows Phone 7 Review: Microsoft arrives at the smartphone party in the right costume

VentureBeat: "Microsoft’s journey into phones has been a long struggle in the dark. But Windows Phone 7, which launches on Nov. 8 , may be the light at the end of the tunnel.

With this new operating system, Microsoft’s partners can field $199 phones that mount a credible challenge to the iPhone. I’ve checked out the new Windows Phone 7 models from Samsung (the Samsung Focus) and HTC (the HTC Surround). They have 4-inch touchscreens that feel just like an iPhone. They bring Microsoft into the age of apps, putting it in a position to catch up over time. Windows Phone 7 is unique and works well enough that some people won’t care about the advantages of the iPhone, which include access to iTunes content and hundreds of thousands of apps."

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