Rob Pardo says Blizzard's new MMO is playable

Rob Pardo said in an interview during the Blizzcon stream that Blizzard's new MMO that is under tight security to prevent any leaks is playable within the company. He says that Blizzard employees...

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xYLeinen2584d ago

Leak Leak Leak Leak :p

We all are wanting it :p

cmrbe2584d ago

I really do hope so as i like SC better than WarCraft.

No Way2584d ago

Same here! They both good, but I like the SC Universe.
Though, I'm just wondering how a SC MMO would work out.

soundslike2584d ago

better than the completely beaten to death fantasy genre thats for sure. You have my your face, blizzard, if you make another elven trollfest

Sitris2584d ago (Edited 2584d ago )

The epic 3 way battles! The PvTvZ battle arenas would be insane! The different classes could be stuff like close range fighter (roache, zealot, maurorder) ranged fighter (stalker, ghost, hydra) tank (Collosus, Thor, ultra) or even go the way of the hero classes. I think this could be the MMO I that I want to play!

I am aware that both roach and maurorders are ranged, but just make them require really close range or something haha this brainstorming is making me very excited!

cmrbe2584d ago

what they started with Starcraft Ghost. Really do hope so. I cried when that game got can.

MajestieBeast2584d ago

2020 knowning blizzards track record.

cmrbe2584d ago

and will be worth the wait

MajestieBeast2584d ago

Hey i never said it wouldnt, but i wish it would come sooner or we get a sneak peek at it im starved for a good mmo.

soundslike2584d ago

yea, your grand-kids will love it for sure. they'll play it on their plasmorphagraphic holograms in totalian definition.

Chris3992584d ago

That was very clever, soundslike.

Sitris2584d ago

I really want a sc mmo, with full voice casting and cutscenese ala star wars mmo

Mite222584d ago

That would be awesome.

alphakennybody2584d ago

I prefer the darker theme of diablo and its classes over wow, so a diablo mmo would be sweet.

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