Current US Best Sellers: BioShock, Halo 3 & Metroid Prime 3 Rule the Charts

2K Games' BioShock rules over the charts again this week while there are new best sellers on PS3, PS2 and Nintendo Wii.

1. BioShock-2K Games (Xbox 360)
2. Halo 3*-Microsoft (Xbox 360)
3. Metroid Prime 3: Corruption-Nintendo (Wii)
4. Brain Age 2: More Training in Minutes a Day-Nintendo (DS)
5. Nintendo DS Lite w/ Brain Age 2-Nintendo (DS)
6. Wii Play w/ Remote-Nintendo (Wii)
7. Halo 3 Ltd. Edition*-Microsoft (Xbox 360)
8. BioShock-2K Games (PC)
9. Madden NFL 08-EA (Xbox 360)
10. Brain Age-Nintendo (DS)

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MK_Red4103d ago

Well, IMO it's disgusting to see not one but 3 DS BrainAge games in top ten.
Good to see BioShock at number one. One game that truly deserves to be number one.

ALI-G4103d ago (Edited 4103d ago )

1. BioShock—2K Games (Xbox 360)
2. Halo 3*—Microsoft (Xbox 360)
3. Metroid Prime 3: Corruption—Nintendo (Wii)
4. Brain Age 2: More Training in Minutes a Day—Nintendo (DS)
5. Nintendo DS Lite w/ Brain Age 2—Nintendo (DS)
6. Wii Play w/ Remote—Nintendo (Wii)
7. Halo 3 Ltd. Edition*—Microsoft (Xbox 360)
8. BioShock—2K Games (PC)
9. Madden NFL 08—EA (Xbox 360)
10. Brain Age—Nintendo (DS)

Vojkan4102d ago

Do you have a life outside of this site? Seriously? You are always first to post on any news its so pathetic and annoying!

MoonDust4102d ago (Edited 4102d ago )

Immature people, he submitted the news so of course he commented first. Great contribution to the site, wasn't for him you wouldn't see most of the news.

4102d ago
MK_Red4102d ago

Thanks MoonDust. But seriously JUSTaGAME and The KEN KUTARAGI, what's your problem? You don't like me or my comments, simply ignore me (There is an option for that below every avatar).

Vojkan, I just check the site a few times a day when I'm not at work and post what I can while I'm not playing games or watching movies :)

reaperxciv4102d ago (Edited 4102d ago )

is excellent for elementary grade pupils like my son & daughter, it improves on maths & reading skills & what have you.

as for the most advanced console in the world today, sad to see not one title from it made the top 10.

ItsDubC4102d ago

I'm an adult and actually enjoy playing Brain Age and Big Brain Academy. They are perfect for short bursts of gaming, and also to show me how dumb I've gotten since the last time I played lol.

MK_Red4102d ago

I'm not saying Brain Age is a bad game. I say have 3 Brain Age games among top 10 with all other new and wonderfull games is a bad thing IMO.

ShiftyLookingCow4102d ago

new entries to my selected few people list: JUSTaGAME(really just a game?), KEN KUTARAGI

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Like a shadow I am4103d ago (Edited 4103d ago )

I'm more surprised that none of the Madden NFL '08 made it into the top sellers. Madden is usually the number-one bestselling game around this time of year.

It's good to see BioShock takes number one, though. I hate stupid sport games.

MK_Red4103d ago

Wrong, Madden 360 is number 8 in all formats chart.

But good point and I do agree that it's strange to see only one Madden game among top 3.

JUSTaGAME4102d ago Show
i Shank u4102d ago

come on dude what happened today, you wake up on the wrong side of the bed? you're the only one being a troll in here

kn4103d ago

Where do they get this data from?

snoop_dizzle4102d ago

it appear that they got it from amazon

kn4102d ago

Ah, from Amazon... Amazon sales data has proven quite worthless in the past. NPD numbers are really the only sure thing and a second, albeit not as close to the real numbers, is vgchartz. I think I'll pass on this news as being any representation of reality.

BIadestarX4102d ago

Once again... games for the most powerful console on earth are no where to be seing on the top 10. Kind of ironic for a piece of crap console as Sony fanboys call the xbox 360... but the "the proof is in the pudding". we can talk all day, week, month and year long about hardware specs...and it comes down to this... the games...

achira4102d ago

and there will be more good game on the ps3, so what is your point ?

InMyOpinion4102d ago

You've been saying that for more than a year now. Action speaks louder than words, as the chart clearly shows.

ItsDubC4102d ago (Edited 4102d ago )

Why do you talk about hardware specs when you're clowning the Wii then? Talk about the games because games are what matter.

Rooftrellen4102d ago

The PS3 may be the most powerful console, but if you put all the food in the world behind a lock that is complicated enough, you'll still starve. I just don't see the PS3 games blowing anyone away until its far too late, because the lock to those wonderful graphics is too complicated.

That besides the fact that graphics don't mean everything. The Wii and DS hold as much of the top 10 as the 360 and PC, and there are no PS3 or PSP games there.

BIadestarX4102d ago

Ok.. fine I will talk about the wii... too.. please name top 10 most have games on the wii... that render all xbox 360 games useless.... Please... Even you know.. that the wii does not have many games... you want me to talk about games... I can't do that for the wii... since it does not have many games too look forward but the obvious 1st party games being released for it.. like Metroid. I can't talk about the wii about specs.. nor the games... what do you want me to say? When we are talking about controls and wiimote than we talk about the wii.
Take away the wiimote and what do you have? Games? Innovation in graphics? Sound? Gameplay?... You do not want me to talk about games when it comes to the wii.. trust me.

unsunghero284102d ago

Super Mario Galaxy
Super Smash Bros Brawl
Metroid Prime 3
Zack and Wiki
Medal of Honor Wii
No More Heroes
Twilight Princess
Super Paper Mario
Forever Blue

That's 10, all by the end of this year, I could probably name more.

Rooftrellen4102d ago

Look at the 360 and PS3. Take away the graphics updates, and what do you have in either of those that revolutionize gameplay? Nintendo is revolutionizing the industry for the 3rd time with respect to the controls. It's what they do, change how we play.

Now, as for games for the Wii. I trust you don't mind me looking forward to exactly one year from now, since the 360 has been out a year longer (and if you do mind, I would ask you to compare the 360 library to the PS2 library, so I'm sure you don't mind letting them stand on equal ground for time after launch).

RE4 Wii was the best RE4, by far. Super Paper Mario is a great game. MP3 is a great game, too. Mario Strikers is what you would expect from Mario with soccer, which is good.

Enough with the games out, lets look ahead to no more than Aug 28, 2008 to make time equal. Mario Galaxy could end up selling to better than 10 million happy gamers (last time we saw Mario like this was Mario 64, which sold more than 10 million). SSBB promises to be a wonderful game, just like the last 2, but better, perhaps! Trauma Center was a must have for the DS and will be a must have for the Wii when it hits the Wii with New Blood. Fire Emblem never fails to be a solid game, though only the true hardcore can love it. Bleach will bring sword fighting to the Wii, joy! Zach & Wiki shouldn't be underestimated, and I think it will turn out very well, if more geared toward casual gamers. Battalian Wars 2 should be as solid as the origional, at least. No More Heroes looks beautiful, and should be quite fun. Guitar Hero 3 is comming to the Wii, and it will no doubt sell in huge numbers, as they have in the past. Manhunt 2 would have done decently anyway, and with all the controversy around it, it will do even better. Ghost Squad looks pretty good, compared to how few people seem to be talking about it. RE Umbrella Chronicals should be as good as RE4, give or take. Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games just seems to be getting better every time we hear about it. Mario Kart is making a stand on the Wii. If Monster Lab can really be deeper than Pokemon but not complicated, it should be a must have.

Now, after all that, I must say two things.

First, there will likely be more good games pop in there, and it is likely some of those games will be flops (since we don't know how the Wii will look the same amount of time after release compared to the 360, we can only speculate). However, I have totally avoided games that the average hardcore gamer would have no chance of buying, though I know there are games more on the casual side here that some would pass up.

Second, after looking though my list, I will be taking donations for Rooftrellen's video game fund! Dang am I going to be broke with all the great games comming out for the Wii.

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batman2million4102d ago

there are 2 halo 3's on the chart!!


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