Halo Reach multiplayer tips

Leet has posted 13 Halo Reach multiplayer tips.

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Garrus_Vakarian2895d ago

1. Use armor lock as much as possible.
2. 'Nade spam.
3. Camp Yellow Lift with sword and/or shotgun.
4. Sprint and sword/hammer/shotgun combo.
5. 'Nade spam.
6. 'Nade spam.
7. 'Nade spam.
8. See # 1.
9. See #'s 2,5,6 and 7.
10. 'Nade spam.
11. 'Nade spam.
12. 'Nade spam.
13. Combination of #'s 1,2,3,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12 and 13.

SmokexFFx2895d ago

Lost a couple of matches today or something?

Garrus_Vakarian2895d ago

No, I just know when to stay away from the multiplayer for a while.

Then again, I honestly don't think most of the problems with this game will get fixed.

Here's hoping 343i can do a better job(multiplayer and story).

JokesOnYou2895d ago

Yeah looks like you've been taking a beating like me. I just simply dont have time to play enough between work. I post on this site mostly from my cell phone, most of the time when I get home I just want to eat and lounge on the couch.


thief2895d ago

Looks like the reverse - he has probably won a lot because he has figured out the level of "strategy" needed to win in Halo.

N4GAddict2895d ago

Most popular multiplayer games always have people exploiting them

despair2895d ago

and putting in insane number of hours doing the same thing over and over and over again. No new FPS MP has ever held my attention more than a few weeks. Strange that games like Quake and UT I could play for years but this new set I just don't feel playing them for long.

Swiftfox2895d ago

I feel the same way about most MP aspects of games. To me it feels like the developers are trying harder than they should to keep me invested in their game. Unlockable skins, abilities, classes,weapons, armor peices,a leveling/ranking system, and not to mention achievements and trophies.

I like more simple MP experiences. I log in play a bit get a rush then log off. No worrying about my level, what I need to unlock next or what achievment/trophy I should work on.

Skadoosh2895d ago

Sounds like somebody is getting seriously pwned in the multiplayer. Just get better if you want to play the multiplayer. If you want to rack up easy kills go play COD. I have a K/D ratio of 2.05 and I don't do anything you said.

NewsForMe2895d ago (Edited 2895d ago )

If someone armor locks just leave the area for now. Hopefully they nerf it a little.

If you're taking yellow lift and your team doesn't control it you probably should just stop playing the game.

Grenades aren't a problem, I'm guessing you camp and are pissed off the 'nades get you. If you're moving they aren't a problem.

kaveti66162895d ago (Edited 2895d ago )

Hey just because you suck doesn't mean you can blame the game. Nade spamming is something I'd agree with to a point but if you don't run around like a jackass, letting everyone know where you are by radar, they won't throw grenades.

There's a strategy to every game, and if you try to play it some other way, you're going to die the same way every time.

When I first started playing KZ2 I kept running into corridors and buildings full of opponents without much strategy or thought. It's not the game's fault. It's mine.

Edit: As for armor lock, it's not effective at all if you know how to counter it. You only choose armor lock if you have a buddy who is going to be close by to give cover fire while you're in armor lock. Otherwise, the opponent will just time a grenade so that you will die once your ability depletes.

It's all strategy. This game is awesome.

BARF2895d ago

i agree with Garrus... evey battle in reach comes down to who has the most nades at the time. the maps suck and the jetpack is a travesty (most aa suck actually). i stopped playing after about a week. reach has taken over BFBC2 as my biggest let downs this gen.

crzyjackbauer2894d ago

wait you forgot the n00b combo (plasma charge and then headshot)

i like to do that to dumbasses like u

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crzyjackbauer2894d ago

great tips?
14. No tea bagging????
its Halo your suppose to T-bag
its mandatory, ITS THE LAW

despair2895d ago

Good tips and the can apply to most FPS MP games also, well except for the Halo specific points.

Dave13512895d ago

people still play this game? it got old quick

Jack-Pyro2895d ago

You know what's really getting old, you!

Dave13512895d ago

You crossed the line.. way to far, way to far

Jack-Pyro2895d ago

Really, THAT'S too far?

Wow, I'll be sure to treat you extra super special nice from now on. Now who want's ICECREAM?!?!

Dave13512894d ago

lol if you actually thought i was being serious your a dumbass. its a wonder you even know how to use the internet

Jack-Pyro2893d ago

Are you gonna cry cause I called you on getting so upset at my mean mean comment, Awwwwwwww.

Let's find your mommy and take you out for Waffles, would you like that *pats you on the head*.

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ScubaSteve12895d ago

oh ik lets ask t-squared for tips when he gave out crappy tips for the game stop halo reach preview

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