The Last Guardian To Support PlayStation Move?

GameStop has listed 2011 PS3 title The Last Guardian as a title which will support PlayStation Move.

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darthv722826d ago

in fact, i wouldnt be surprised if sony added a little incentive to companies to include move support in games from here on.

Red_Orange_Juice2826d ago

actually i wouldn't mind Move support in TLG

Shadow Flare2826d ago

i think move support for Shadow of the Colossus would be incredible, with the bow and arrow and stuff. So i could see how it might work with The Last Guardian

Biggest2825d ago

I agree about SotC. It's hard to know how Move would work the TLG without knowing much about the control interface to begin with.

Prcko2826d ago

That would be Awesome!!!!

ForzaGT2826d ago (Edited 2826d ago )

not surprised, most the of the ps3 AAA title are starting to implement move,
they'll probably include 3d soon

Gambit072826d ago

As long as they don't fukc up the dualshock controls.

gamingisnotacrime2826d ago

DS3 controls are their as usual

Britney Spears2826d ago

yea but then they will mess up the boxart with that stupid blue move logo.

gamingisnotacrime2826d ago

crowded covers suck for this masterpiece

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The story is too old to be commented.