Finally, A Clear Look At Catherine’s Action Mode

After announcing the release date, Amazon Japan posted a screenshot of Catherine’s action part. It appears Vincent is vertically scaling a tower to escape a heart shaped monster with a massive tongue. The bottom right has a map/progress bar and it looks like there a coins to collect while climbing.

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despair2768d ago

looks strange, thats usually a good thing, lets hope they bring it to the US/EU,

MachinaMaw2768d ago

Anyone else find this disturbing?

despair2768d ago

oh yea I was trying to be nice by saying "strange" but the other one with the tongue was just as creepy, still strange and disturbing can work if implemented well, here's hoping its a great game.

DatNJDom812768d ago

.............................. ............................... ............................... ........... so is this a sex game? Everytime I hear it is just sounds like a sex game. I hope it is. Use the power of the PS3 to make it happen!

despair2768d ago

its not a sex game something like a dating sim/adventure/some other crazy crap game, and its multiplatform not PS3 only. At least thats what I gather from the little info I have on the game.

specialguest2768d ago

I thought I saw PERV at the end of the gallery, instead of PREV.

radphil2768d ago

"looks strange, thats usually a good thing"

This is an Atlus game. Of course it's usually a good thing. :p

rezzah2768d ago

Site was being retarded, so i looked them up somewhere else. May not be the same pictures. But what I saw was very interesting and twisted.

I am buying this for sure.

kanetheking2768d ago

but other ppl will like it.

Matthew942768d ago

the monster looks like boobs with eyes

xino2768d ago

it's subtitled.

"Please I want you to jizz inside me"

Acquiescence2768d ago

that a woman can ever say.

LarsoVanguard2768d ago

Careful with that, that's how they trap you and your wallet forever.

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