MTV’s Dance Central for Kinect could appeal to both good and bad dancers alike (videos)

VentureBeat's Dean Takahashi shows bad dancing on Kinect can be fun

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gamerzBEreal172828d ago

why do people need to make video games about something they can do in real life?
u cant be a rockstar in real life u cant shoot people (if u dont want to take the risk of dying) you cant level up in real life you cant be a pro wrestler are basket ball player are football player but you can why make a game about it?

Bigpappy2828d ago

I always wondered the same thing.

On topic: This game is kind of scary. I was thinking about the fanboys comment that casuals are going to take over 360. If that is true, it would be because of this game. I think there are some nutts out there who will buy Kinect and 360, only to play this game, so they can practice dance moves. Then could you imagine playing Halo and having some chick in the lobby asking questions about the new Rhianna Video for Kinect? I could understand who that could be scary to some of you young guys who have a fear of women.