Investigator Catches Black Ops Pirate

mygamertalk- This past week, Call of Duty: Black Ops made it’s way onto the already large and growing list of video games that have been pirated this year. Although people rarely get caught pirating video games, this man not only was caught, but also made a 4 part youtube video series documenting the entire debacle.

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elementum2858d ago

Very lucky he didn't get fined

allyc4t2858d ago

Don't want to mess with Activision lol.

JLeVRT2858d ago

Caught his stupid ass

CombineElite2858d ago

OK so you got Black OPS early cool go home and play it, tell your best friend end of story.

Noooo this MORON wants to blab about it on the Internet and be stupid famous or in his case just Stupid.

The people probably trying to buy it were under cover operatives and if he did sale it BLAMO, huge fine.

but in a way this story seems dumb because all retailers get these games weeks in advance and it's just a matter of store employees opening the shipping containers.

Yo Mama2858d ago

Well, he IS a Saints fan.

Mite222858d ago

Wow, who would pay thousands of dollars for an early game?

allyc4t2858d ago

Someone who is rich and loves Black Ops, obviously.

VinnieMac2858d ago

I would assume he planned on making more copies of the one he bought and sell them for a decent profit.

2858d ago
Eamon2858d ago

Wait, so he didn't upload it?

That's pretty lucky. Because if he did, Activision would not have simply "let him walk" after returning the copy.

2858d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.