Worldwide Weekly Chart for Week Ending 16th Oct 2010

DS - 243,687 (-7%)
360 - 161,861 (-1%)
PS3 - 156,894 (-1%)
Wii - 138,094 (+6%)
PSP - 87,324 (+2%)
PS2 - 25,670 (-2%)

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SmokexFFx2859d ago (Edited 2859d ago )

"Oh...It's VGCharts."
You heard it here first folks.

Hardbladestone2859d ago

Yea total bull- His woldwide numbers are the same at the eu numbers from yesturday

FlatulentGhost2859d ago

And by "His woldwide numbers" you mean:

"the numbers the 20 year old Xbox fan that runs the joke that is vgchartz typed into his computer"

2859d ago
RememberThe3572859d ago

It always the same people who say that. They claim they hate it yet they keep clicking on it.

ClownBelt2859d ago

It's the same as this youtube video

You hate the damn thing, but you can't help yourself but to watch it...It's crazy...

RememberThe3572858d ago (Edited 2858d ago )

I couldn't watch that. It was pretty creepy. lol

morganfell2859d ago

They will have a hard time explaining themselves when this is updated:

Of course last time they said both Sony and Microsoft were wrong about their own figures.

There isn't any doubt though who approves this tripe from vgchartz. Just ask yourself which console supporters talk games and which talk sales.

Bigpappy2859d ago (Edited 2859d ago )

And Kinect will be pushing some major 360 numbers through the rest of this year and beyond. Hate VGchartz all you want, now that 360 is beating PS3. When you find a better site to show how the consoles businees is growing or falling in the industry, please let me know so I can check that one out instead. Crying about it every time they post better numbers for 360 is not helping those interested in the fate of the industry get reliable info. When Sony and M$ report their numbers, why should I believe them over VGchartz? Jack was caught playing the ship sell game just yesturday. With NPD numbers hidden VGCartz becomes the defacto sourse of sales data. I lean about VGcartz and Amazon from fanboys on N4G when PS3 was doing well. Now they are no longer a good indicator of how the systems are doing. Give me a break.

gaden_malak2859d ago

You want a better site? There aren't any that can accurately predict the sales of consoles and software. That's why it's always left to Microsoft/Sony/Nintendo to do it.

This is exactly why vgchartz fails, because it is simply not possible to charts what they chart. They don't even explain how they do it. I can make up my own site and do it instead but does that make my site more reputable? No.

VGChartz is not reputable, people only use it because it's there. They are constantly off on their sales of all consoles, but you still want to use it as a basis? Why? They're wrong.

sdtarm2859d ago


Dont hope much from kinect and if u check the first article that came on n4g about the move sales data AND if u actually read it ull see that every site knew that those numbers were numbers that they shipped, and that they are finding it hard to keep it on stock and cuz of that they were apprx move sales numbers to the ones shipped, so shut ur mouth and stop trolling

JohnSimpleTon2859d ago

"There isn't any doubt though who approves this tripe from vgchartz"

Whoever happens to be winning at the time o_O.

strickers2858d ago (Edited 2858d ago )

You are an insult to gamers.Being more interested in sales than quality and hoping that poor game designs are successful to support the company you love(weird)is just foolish.It's all about the games and guess what?
This gen 3 companies are all selling enough hardware and software to co exist and compete.This benefits us all.Love games,don't care what system you play them on and choose the games you like.I like my PS3 best because I like the games on it best but 360 also has some games I love.You seem to love MS first,sales 2nd and games last and that makes you a fool.

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solideagle12859d ago

neck and neck. i think DS will be the best selling console of all time.... 135 million and counting... PS2 is the best console of all time in terms of games and PS3 is following its steps.


FlatulentGhost2859d ago

"ps3 and xbox 360 neck and neck."

Horray! The PS3 and 360 are neck and neck in the 'fake and made up sales numbers race!"

fr0sty2859d ago

360's lead over PS3 steadily shrinking... not much longer and ps3 will be back on top again in sales. slim + halo reach didn't work as well as MS would have hoped. now all they have to bank on is kinect, which is facing off against a popular move and GT5/LBP2 right around the corner.

Knushwood Butt2859d ago

What is worse are their Japan figures. First you get the 'preview' written by a raving Nintendo fanboy, with figures all over the place (and always way high for anything Nintendo), and then you get their 'real' figures later in the week, which coincidentally are just the same as those published by Media Create (Japan's version of NPD).

Crap site. Not worth looking at.

tinybigman2859d ago

I see the same people bragging about sales, sales, sales. Do you people have anything else to like playing games? The number one reason why we're into gaming.

I've yet to hear those who constantly talk sales, sales, sales tell us that they own stocks in any of these companies.

elmaton982859d ago

Hey up until now we PS3 fanboys want our system to outsell the 360 and we 360 fanboys want our system to outsell the ps3. BTW I'm a PS3 fanboy so what the PS3 is a more reliable machine than the xbox 360, good luck to you 360 fanboys keep paying money to something that is free and vgcharts is something not worth looking at.

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acere2859d ago

garbage site spreder of lies

Skadoosh2859d ago

It's no secret that the 360 has been beating the ps3 worldwide for a few months now. It's unfortunate that MOVE wasn't able to make a dent in the overall lead of the 360. And now Sony has sinked to a new low by spreading false information about the success of Move. Sad indeed. And with all the positive talk about Kinect, the holidays look to easily belong to the 360.

Unicron2859d ago (Edited 2859d ago )

Skadoosh, your thoughts on Kinect's strange media review blackout so close to launch? Am curious to hear your take.

N4Great2859d ago Show
strickers2858d ago

Look at the agree/disagree rate.People claim this site is infested with PS3 fanboys and an idiotic statement like that gets that many agrees.You do know Sony can't lie as suggested by some fanboys?
Holidays belong to no console.All 3 are successful and selling(software too).Compare hardware sales this gen and all 3 have passed many older gen consoles
,and what positive talk have Kinect have you been reading?Advertising?That does tend to be positive.Games people,whatever system,GAMES.Comepetition is good,everyone should want the 3 systems to sell in close numbers.You get better,higher budget and original games if no one dominates.

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xg-ei8ht2859d ago

I can explain the media blackout.


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