Americas Weekly Chart for Week Ending 16th Oct 2010

DS - 103,761 (-12%)
360 - 90,053 (-2%)
PS3 - 68,613 (-2%)
Wii - 65,647 (+7%)
PSP - 19,683 (-8%)
PS2 - 7,731 (-5%)

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big_silky2826d ago

damn, the wii is getting spanked. nintendo made their money though so i'm sure they're not losing sleep.

the psp platform should simply be abandoned

FlatulentGhost2826d ago (Edited 2826d ago )

The only thing that should be abandoned is fake sales sites.

How is it possible that in late 2010 vgchartz isn't permabanned like on most other gaming sites?


Just in case there possibly is anyone who doesn't know what a complete fraud vgchartz is...

The joke of a site was started when a 20 year old Xbox fan got perma-banned from the neogaf forums for continually posting fake and obviously made up sales figures. So now he spends his days making up fake sales numbers and typing them into his computer at home and uploading them his sad little website.

What I love about vgchartz fake sales numbers is the kid is clueless enough to make up sales numbers accurate to a single digit because he thinks that makes them look 'less made up'. Honestly if you are an Xbox fan and what to see inflated Xbox sales numbers and under-counted PS3 sales. Knock yourself out. But this garbage site has no place on legitimate gaming news sites.

gunnerforlife2826d ago

you put in Japan and this lead that 360 has in America, just vanishes into thin air!

gunnerforlife2826d ago

at above yeap 5 thousand but dont u thing thats better for sony then 20 thousand?
japan will always play a huge part in this! and wont let America have that much big of a say in this console war, i really do think for sony Europe plays a huge part this generation and after GT comes out i think its all over for in europe at least.

JokesOnYou2826d ago (Edited 2826d ago )

looks like 360 is still going strong, ps3 and wii still doing fine. I'm glad the gaming industry has 3 healthy consoles. Its also funny to watch 360 sales continue to prove the haters wrong.

commodore642825d ago (Edited 2825d ago )

agreed joy.

It's so funny to watch ps3 fans whine like children when vgchartz numbers don't estimate sales how they want.
In every single vgchartz thread we have ps3 fans bemoaning the fact that VGC numbers don't quite match up.
Sometimes I think they are going to burst a blood vessel over this.
It really does seem strange, especially when we all already know that VGC estimates sales. This is no secret.

Conversely, when Sony falsely reports 'shipped' as 'sold', then that's seemingly ok with the ps3 fans?
Jack Tretton was forced to acknowledge his 'white lie' ONLY AFTER people questioned the 'shipped' vs 'sold' issue.
I am just glad people are holding him to account.

JokesOnYou2825d ago (Edited 2825d ago )

I can't tell you how many times sonyfanboys have attacked me for saying vgchartz estimates "sold to consumer" numbers while sony is talking about "sold to retailer" numbers= shipped. Now all of a sudden many of the same folks are saying, aaah well we always knew they were reporting sold to retail numbers.

Folks like darkride always tried to play both sides using FUD tactics saying vgchartz always overtracks 360 estimates and while undertracking ps3 estimates, he even goes as far as to say vgchartz reports 360 sold more than even micro say they shipped, YET HE NEVER PROVIDES A LINK TO PROVE IT, I mean you would think he would just show a LINK with vgchartz 360 estimate and another with micro's official sales report that are referring to the same sales timeframe, but although its something I've seen him say quite often I've never ever seen him show proof, he just says it like we're suppose to take his word for it, lol, which really it doesn't make much sense, since micro like the other companies don't come out every week or month with their official sales statement anyway; when they do they are referring to past sales qtrs, while vgchartz is referring to up to the latest week, only thing micro/sony/nintendo have done in the past on a monthly basis is comment on the latest NPD reports and then qtrly they reflect on their status/sales/earnings/company goals etc.


shutupandplay2826d ago

And the 360 continues to dominate. People love to say the Wii is dying, but look at that, PS3 is right there with it.

With great hardware and software sales and Kinect on the horizon, the 360 is really the only console having true success right now, and will easily be the #1 console until the end of the year.

foker2826d ago (Edited 2826d ago )

cool story bro,.. get checked at the local clinic,..

Only things 360 excels at, is ripping of their customers and failure rate,..

GoldPS32826d ago

2k weekly in Japan. Yeah you right the 360 dominating.

punisher992826d ago

lol Its absolutely retarded to cheer lead the sales of 1 country, knowing that we are talking about worldwide products.

Moonboots2825d ago

Well then he can go here and cheer for 360

Since it's winning WW as well.

If you put stock in these numbers.. :/

strickers2825d ago

And again the agree/disagrees prove,as I thought.This site is not dominated by PS3 fans.A stupid statement gets many agrees by another hypocritically named moron.In world wide figures,all 3 are selling and selling software,good for us.Any gamer loving the thought of successful Kinect is an idiot.That's not because it's MS,I'd feel the same if it was Sony of Ninty.
It is not a good game controller idea,Eyetoy has proved this.Some of us are a bit older and experienced and can see where this going.I think Kinect will sell,people will be amazed for a while and when the limited design shows dust will be gathered.Like a heavily advertised Balance Board.It will also enforce the people are idiots opinion shared by many.When advertising is more important than than any review and hype generated means sheep just must have something,people are weak minded.

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wanaraceu2826d ago (Edited 2826d ago )

I don't understand why the xbox beats the ps3 in the USA. What is it about the Box that is so apealing? I'm not a fanboy I just always go for the best systems. I used to have Nintendo back in the day but then changed to Sony. If xbox had a better system I would get one 2. But I just don't get how the xbox is out selling ps3 in USA when ps3 is much better system

deadreckoning6662826d ago (Edited 2826d ago )

"I don't understand why the xbox beats the ps3 in the USA. What is it about the Box that is so apealing? I'm not a fanboy I just always go for the best systems. I used to have Nintendo back in the day but then changed to Sony. If xbox had a better system I would get one 2. But I just don't get how the xbox is out selling ps3 in USA when ps3 is much better system"

Another person who thinks that EVERYONE has to have the same opinions and preferences as they do


Look, if u think the PS3 is a better system than the 360. Fine, no problem. In fact, I think the same way..which is why I have a PS3 and not an Xbox. The issue here is that you say that the PS3 is a "much better system" than the Xbox as if it was a universally held truth.

The PS3 has its pros and cons
The Xbox has its pros and cons

I chose the PS3 over the 360 in 2007 because I knew the PS3 was more reliable and had free online play. However, if the 360 didn't have these 2 faults, I would have been just as happy to buy a 360 considering that the 360 ALSO has games I would love to play. I don't own a 360, but I can DEFINETLY understand why people may prefer it to the PS3.

wanaraceu2826d ago

Well I think it is every time I turn the little barstard on I find Sony giving away free services all the time it's awesome. I'm always left gob smacked with all the free updates and services they keep giving there customers. I have seen my ps3 transform from a basic hd gaming machine to a full on entertainment system all for free! I bought a 60gig original b/c ages ago and it's still going strong. Updated hd to 500g. Out off all the tings I have bought I never seen a company reward it's customers wil so many free services

strickers2825d ago

Problem with 360 is....if you buy one console you get less on 360 for more cost.I own all 3 but if you buy just 1 then PS3 makes the most sense in almost every way.The only reasons to choose 360 are good early sales mean many people lots of friends on Live and a love of the few games truly exclusive 360 games.
Most 360 exclusives come to PS3,PS3 has better hardware that does more,PS3 has a huge number of exclusives that never migrate and a wider range of game types.So yes both do have pros and cons but without those 2 reasons 360 is an obviously poorer choice for a single console owner.

kaveti66162826d ago

because Microsoft focuses on multiplayer.

punisher992826d ago

Um. They both focus on multiplayer (Sony and Microsoft). Between these two, multiplayer has never been an issue.

kaveti66162825d ago

Microsoft pays Activision for multiplayer DLC, and almost all of Microsoft's big exclusives are multiplayer shooters.

Sony has an equal amount of shooters but it's flagship games now are single player epics like God of War 3, Uncharted, and Infamous. Although UC2 has multiplayer, the way the game is advertised makes it seem more single-player oriented.

thebudgetgamer2826d ago

people just enjoy the 360. i can't blame them im one of them.

punisher992826d ago (Edited 2826d ago )

Its just because its cheaper in price. Unfortunately, thats how us americans buy our products. If two products are similar, we just would rather buy the one thats actually cheaper in price, instead of buying the better "bang for your buck" deal.

JokesOnYou2825d ago (Edited 2825d ago )

@wanaraceu, well is psn a better service because its just better than Live or is it really good for a "free" service. -I couldn't tell really what you liked, except that you kept reminding us its free? I mean both have continued to update and evolve, uhm but yeah psn is free. You can go to a shelter and get a "free" lunch but their not going to be serving steak. Now I'm not saying Live is that much better than psn as you may think my analogy seems to suggest, I'm just simply saying Live is just a better service for many of us who pay. With that said, Yeah I wish Live was free, micro would gain alot of goodwill by lowering the price, instead of raising it.

@punisher99, "Its just because its cheaper in price. Unfortunately, thats how us americans buy our products"

-lol, Yeah that explains why Americans buy so many iPods when theres so many cheaper competitive brands. Oh and Nike's must be the cheapest shoe brand, and Toyota must be the cheapest cars in the US, and so many other more expensive products ALWAYS have the lowest sales because thats just how us "cheap" Americans roll. lol well I don't expect kids to understand the "price vs value" concept, but here's a hint its not a uniquely American concept. lol


baodeus2825d ago

i don't know either. Why the original xbox is better than ps2 in every way (durable as hell, superior tech, standard HDD, great online, etc....) yet PS2 out selling it by a mile. I don't know why either.

PostApocalyptic2825d ago


The 360 was out a year earlier than the PS3 and has only a 4 MIL lead world wide. In the US, the majority of gamers tend to like shooters. So, of course the 360 took advantage of this.

I mean, think about it. American's like to "blow shit up." That's the typical American male teenage mindset. That's why they love MW and MOH games.

Typical brain dead American male. That's why it's so easy to lie to them about Iraq and Afganistan and why we went there. Liberation my ass!

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wanaraceu2826d ago

On a side note ps3 is winning sales in Jap and total others

wanaraceu2825d ago (Edited 2825d ago )


You just sent me a link that shows ps3 doing better in japan and total others lol so ...


Thanks 4 all your input some good and funny reading in here when I logged back on

turnerdc2824d ago

I aim to please, glad I could be of service.

2826d ago
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