New Killzone 3 BETA Jetpack gameplay will "blow" you away

PSB: We have some new Killzone 3 footage showing some awesome Jetpack gameplay which looks totally awesome. Don't forget to switch to 720p for the best experience while watching this.

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ClownBelt2587d ago

Lol at the .gif...that was hilarious

raztad2587d ago

[email protected]

hahahahha. That pic is hilarious, almost spit my coffee.

djreplay2587d ago

Bubbles for that gif lololol

AtatakaiSamurai2587d ago (Edited 2587d ago )

not that BS jump in zero gravity rubbish with no effects what so ever (you know the game I'm talking about). hell, tribes did a far better job of making you feel the jetpack a decade ago

unbeliveable how kz mp graphics put other AAA sp campaign graphics to shame. lol that's just crazy! look at all the stuff happening all around that place. madness.

This one you can see all the effects of the jetpack and "feel" it. no cheap bs. thank goodness for developers like GG that actually try to keep their gaming to high quality standards instead of relying on heavy marketing tactics to sell an average gaming experience.

saint_john_paul_ii2587d ago (Edited 2587d ago )

LMAO but yea, thats how awesome the beta is

Dee_912587d ago

cant wait to play this on my tv with my new sub i just bought !!

Sheikh Yerbouti2587d ago (Edited 2587d ago )


Yer such a fanboy "Look at everything happening around you!". Maybe in the beta buddy, but the only things moving in that alpha code were you and what you are shooting at.

Excited about Killzone Tres, aren't we!! :)

cleanhealthy122586d ago

it may be alpha code but the graphics wont get any better. theyre already fantastic as it is.

i just hope there are modes without the jetpack. i hate that noob stuff.

D4RkNIKON2586d ago

The graphics will improve in the final version over the Alpha code. GG have already mentioned that in the Alpha code, many of the guns and character models are FROM KILLZONE 2 and haven't been updated yet. Obviously not everything is from KZ2 because there are new levels, characters and weapons but some of it has been reused.

Hideo_Kojima2586d ago

Kind of off-topic but imagine how awesome it would be if PS4 had a game that looked as good as this with the mechanics from MAG.

It would be mind blowing!

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spunnups2587d ago

I played the Pre-Alpha code last weekend. Here's the link to my impressions over on the Killzone Forums.

"if you're wondering where, it was at the MLG pro-circuit even near D.C. Single player (also in 3D) and multiplayer were showcased.

The Pre-Alpha demo consisted of 3 scenarios in 3 different spots in the campaign. The first showcased the new mini-gun, the second scenario was played entirely with the Jetpack, and the 3rd started you out with the new WASP gun.

The Jetpack was extremely fun and easy to use. It's used in short bursts. When I first saw it, I was skeptical, especially with the decision to incorporate it into the multiplayer. But it works flawlessly and it's a welcome addition to the series.

I love the new melee. Basically you just hit R3 near a guy and you grab the Helghasts head and stab him in the eye. It's great.

The controls/shooting mechanics have been tweaked to be more user friendly, but I think for the better. It's much easier to get headshots and I think GG was listening, for better or for worse, to the people who complained the most. There was no auto-aim and it still took a bit of skill to get a headshot, but it was nowhere as tough to get a good shot off as KZ2 was at times.

Overall, I loved the entire experience. I think KZ3 is going to be a smash. If you played KZ2 and were put off by the controls/shooting mechanics, fear not. GG has answered your prayers. As for the die-hards/hardcore, I don't think you will complain too much when it's finally released."

2587d ago
Sheikh Yerbouti2587d ago

Thanks for your impressions!

BloodyNapkin2586d ago

No such thing as a pre-alpha demo. People need to learn what pre-alpha and alpha and beta such means.

spunnups2584d ago


It said "Pre-Alpha Code" on the top of the screen.

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rukia_chan2587d ago (Edited 2587d ago )

lol the music looks like

i can fly

I want to fly like Superman LOL.

anyway, cant wait for day 25 in beta.

kaz-hirai2586d ago

Ahhhhh The power of the PS3. Even with this game in alpha code form nothing the 360 can pump out will come close to this.

Playstation 3, one step ahead of the competition ;-P

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despair2587d ago

haha the music was a nice touch.

Ju2587d ago (Edited 2587d ago )

Starwars epic sound track :) (or something)

SKUD2586d ago

Third. Awesome music. Very fitting.

DeathGazer2587d ago

That looks incredible :O

hiredhelp2586d ago

ive had my on preorder for 3 months.

SuperStrokey11232587d ago

Or prehaps we should say, blow your opponents away!

No wait dont say that... its really lame.

Optical_Matrix2587d ago

Fuck this game looks so fun! Think I might go and play some KZ2 now haha Brilliant footage