Outrage as GAME raises price of Call of Duty Black Ops by £5

Leading UK retailer GAME has taken the greedy move of increasing the price of Black Ops by £5. An e-mail sent out to all those that pre-ordered warns them not to worry about the price increase as they will pay the original amount. The price of the title has increased across all formats at GAME as well as the supposed RRP. What a disgrace!

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NYC_Gamer2827d ago

well people will buy the game anyway

ico922826d ago

5 quid isn't gonna stop the millions of people from buying it

IaMs122826d ago

Thats the problem 5 now, 5 later, 5 now and again. It all adds up, and quick too

acky12826d ago (Edited 2826d ago )

Isn't this what happens all the time? Pre-order prices fluctuate according to demand, popularity and other parameters and if you hit on at the right time you can get it for the cheapest price? If not, unlucky.

It would be an outrage if the folks who had pre-ordered before the raise were charged the extra but this just seems like the norm.

Who buys from Game anyway? Seriously, you're gonna be paying over the odds with them from the get-go. Game should start selling at competitive prices or they ain't gonna last much longer!

Sony3602826d ago

That's the problem. What will stop them doing this again?

acky12826d ago

Whoops, missed the part about the supposed RRP being increased, thought it was just Game increasing the mistake, misunderstood. Title should probably be changed to 'Black Ops RRP raised' and Game used as an example within the article.

I guess they do it because they can, it's so popular tonnes of people will pay a lot of money for it.
The only way it will stop is if it loses it's popularity and sales aren't as good as expected.

Online fees could follow if black ops is as successful in the multiplayer department as previous instalments...scary thought.

AndrewRyan2825d ago

Back in the day I used to make about 4 dollars an hour minimum wage, now if I was working minimum wage I would be making 10 dollars an hour. Do you really expect prices to stay the same? When I was a kid I bought my hockey stick for 7.50. Now I buy them for about 100 dollars and more.

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gunnerforlife2826d ago

Tesco is a lot cheaper! the Asda round mine has like 45 pounds for a ps3 game :/

Lykon2826d ago

shelly on the tills at asda has had her boobs done, she is hot

DavidMacDougall2826d ago

Yeah i was thinking asda too, people will just change where they buy it from, unless it sells out GAME is the last place i'd go.

Gago2826d ago

They know damn well people will still buy it

i would

RankFTW2826d ago

I'll just stick with, get all my games there pretty much.

Chuk_Chuk2826d ago

Just wanted to point out that whether you pay £26 or £50 for black ops activison will still get the full ammount per game.
say that for every game sold activision make about £30 (most likely not that high)
Buy game selling this for £50 Game makes a £20 profit
For the supermarkets selling this at £25 they make a loss per game but activison will still get the full £30. Whats the point you ask. The supermarkets hope to attract customers to buy other products instore as well this Black ops and this is known as a Loss leader.

My point is even if you find yourself a cheap deal, this doesn't affect activisions profits in any way.

bviperz2826d ago

This is how it starts. Soon, the monthly subscription model for CoD will begin.

DOMination2826d ago

This news story is inaccurate. GAME are taking £5 DEPOSITS on the title.

mastiffchild2826d ago

Activision put it up last year but the retailers sucked it up and the supermarkets even ended up having a price war meaning week one you could get MW2 for £25! There will be no such error this time round and this is just the very first showing that retailers aren't swallowing Activision's unilateral raises themselves this time out. This time the five pound rise is gonna be very real and it's moves like this that make you wonder where the true value is in the COD franchise today.

All the happiest reports I've seen of BO celebrate the fact it's more like COD4 than MW2! Well, considering they're both pretty similar to begin with(just tweaks in the MP to rebalance the game that was better to start with)why exactly do we settle for buying a "new" one each and every year? COD4, WaW,MW2 and BO are all basically the same game in different skins and with increasingly slapdash SP campaigns and maybe a mode or two to justify their releases. If it's worth celebrating BO being more like COD4 wouldn't it be best to, IDK, play COD4?

Whatever, it's my opinion that they don't put enough into a COD game to justify yearly releases at full retail right now. I know I was a bit glib about the lack of change from one to the next but do you really think a COD sequel has as much work in it as any other new game you might buy? I don't and even if I did think they'd done ENOUGH to make a new one worthwhile I still wouldn't say they deserved that we pay MORE than we do for any other game!

I'm not bashing COD-I actually like the series more than most here will admit even if it's still not my favourite shooter-I just don't think it's value and that , while the market leading shooter online and across every platform is STILL without dedicated servers in 2010 ffs, it isn't even moving forward enough to merit a normal price release let alone one where we pay more than for another game.

I don't want to support Kotick, fair enough that's my look out, but even without him I just couldn't buy BO this year when I don't think it's any kind of value and I think if we keep accepting them dressing up what could have been profitable premium DLC as padded full price releases we'll get bent over for decades to come.

CombineElite2826d ago

That's right keep milking the series and keep milking the gamers.

Modern Warfare 3 will be $70 bucks plus $5 a month to play online.

Black Ops 2 will be a MMO selling for $75 and will cost $1.99 per bullet.

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mikhail_tisoy2827d ago

i just check my local eb and it cost $154 thats a 30 dollar increase (114 USD) WHat the **************!!!!!! !!! this is outrageous am not buying this crap how the hell can they get away with this **** sad part is its still probably gana sell millions FUUUUU kotick

256bit2826d ago

wow wow wtf!?!! why are games so expensive over there? do game companies now look at EU for more cash? how much is a regular movie theather? 40?

blumatt2826d ago

Is that really how much it costs where you live?? Damn!! I would never pay that much for a game. Well, I might for GT5. lol But that's because it would be worth it for all the features it has. haha But other than that game, hell no.

NewsForMe2826d ago (Edited 2826d ago )

They know only a small amount will cancel. That will easily be made up with the increase. Is that only the standard edition?

Akagi2826d ago

CoD, the scourge of the gaming industry.

Gago2826d ago (Edited 2826d ago )

its the retailer not activision

and its ignorant people like you who are the scourge

you hate cod thats cool, but why are you here

butthurt cuz black ops is getting 5000x more attention your favorite game, does it fuel your nerd rage

Jacobite2825d ago

"its the retailer not activision"
lol You believe that mmmmmm
"butthurt cuz black ops is getting 5000x more attention your favorite game, does it fuel your nerd rage"
honest you like 10 year old or something

Eamon2826d ago

If only the cod craze would die. Seriously, the only amazing cod games were COD2 and COD4.

Now it's Kotick on a milking spree.

Livin_in_a_box2826d ago


Halo: Reach reference for you there...

Eamon2825d ago

LMAO, Killionaire is just awesome to hear on Multiplayer.

Lykon2826d ago

i can't wait till it comes out, and all the reviews are done and the usual screen shot comparisons and graphics wars are all done...because then maybe some interesting news will filter through on N4G again.

MGRogue20172826d ago (Edited 2826d ago )

wtf is this site talking about?? The game is retailing at £44.99 on their website. It's been at that price for ages..

tdrules2826d ago

Very clever of them, encourages you to preorder over buying on release.
good business decision, not that I'll be buying from GAME though

toaster2826d ago

I'm willing to bet they'll charge $60 on Steam. I refuse to buy a standard edition game that's over the $50 archetype for PC games. Console gamers can get raped in the butt for cash but I won't stand for it.

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