The Sly Collection: Tips for the Thievius Raccoonus

SpawnKill: Five years have passed since Sly Cooper and his gang plotted any thrilling capers. The remastered, high definition collection for PlayStation 3 is locked behind bars until early next month, but once it hits shelves, gamers might find their technique a little rusty. Every sneaky raccoon needs a few tricks under his explosive hat, so brush up on your skills with this guide. Consider it Master Thieving 101.

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tigresa2774d ago

The HD remake might be just what the game needs. That was a cute article - awesome job!

TheLastGuardian2774d ago

I already know these games backwards and forwards. I shouldn't have much trouble getting the 3 platinums. I can't wait, I love Sly Cooper.

theherp802774d ago

Yeah can't wait for the HD remake of this game.

Snarkasaur2774d ago

Ditto, I never did get around to playing the 2nd two games but I know a remake will get me to. Sucker Punch knows the business.

trainsinrdr2774d ago

wheres the gta remakes already

ShadowPraxis2774d ago

I was in the process of trying to track down non-greatest hits boxes of all of the originals and had the first two when they announced the remake *sigh* I should probably not bother with tracking down the last few Ratchet & Clanks either, should I?

K-Tuck2774d ago

You should, actually, just because they are deserving.