New Call Of Duty: Black Ops CTF gameplay is really something

Gamersmint: We have nearly 10 minutes of CoD: Black Ops CTF footage and it's simply a treat to view.

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SmokexFFx2767d ago

The Launch map is lookin sweet!


u do realize World at War had CTF right...from Treyarch = this is nothing new and nothing to get excited about. Onlt difference is modern weaponry.

SmokexFFx2766d ago

The name of the map in this video is "Launch", and it "is lookin sweet!", wtf are you talking about?

Call_me_Ishmael2767d ago

yess,they fixed some of the maps and that shitty red jelly thing
when you get hit plus 15 maps on launch day waht could go wrong

except you know HACKERS.

0oAngeluso02767d ago

It looks like MW2.5
Maybe not a bad thing, it's just I have a sour taste from MW2. I loved COD4, but they tried way too hard with MW2 and made it too noob friendly for my tastes. Killstreaks, camping, duel wield shotguns or pistols and yet can still knife someone? now sure how that works. The game itself wouldn't have been bad if not for the glitches and all that kind of BS stuff that ticks off gamers.

Paralex2767d ago

Remember, this isn't MW2 and this isn't even the same developer. Try to make the comparison to WaW when thinking of Black Ops which is an overhaul of WaW rather than MW2.

lazysey2767d ago

All these leaked videos are great "marketing" for the game, maybe Activision has some tie in to the leaks, besides getting game-jacked.

Anyways, game looks amazing!

ReservoirDog3162767d ago

Haha, you know, they're getting really creative with these black ops gameplay videos' titles.

"amazing" "next big thing" "really something"

ReservoirDog3162767d ago

Potentially looks like what mw2 should've been.

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The story is too old to be commented.